Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods! Goku ???

Dragon ball super episode 85 English Subbed

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods!

A Universe is there where exists a mortal who is stronger than the god of destruction of their universe. That God of Destruction is perhaps stronger than Beerus sama.



Jiren= The strongest member of universe 11 whose power rivals of that of a god! The one everyone is amazed of. We have unfolded the mystery of what Jiren actually is and how could he be more powerful than Goku or perhaps any member of any universe fighting in the tournament of power. Jiren the Gray, was inspired by the aliens know as the Greys. They both share the same physical characters such as round skull, large oval black eyes, and gray skin. Jiren is from the same ancestors as Jako and the Referee.

The first hint of Jirens power comes from his name which comes from the word RANJI which means Stove. Why is this important? It is because Jiren might just have mastered the art of conservation of energy like the stove.

Transformation of a huge amount of potential energy to kinetic energy efficiently. This was seen in the last episode, i.e episode 96 where he teleports behind Goku so swiftly! He could transmit himself behind Goku without even wasting even the slightest of energy and that was the reason Goku couldn’t sense him going back.

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods








Jiren’s true power comes from his inner soul. To understand that we need to look at the time where Jiren was first shown meditating. Now you see, not all forms of meditation are made the same way. The meditation that Jiren was doing is Known as the INNER ALCHEMY or the NEIDAN.

He was doing his meditation is a dark void space, which might be similar or even more advance to that of the chamber of spirits and time where there is practically no space  This is one of the types of meditation that we have seen Piccolo doing and that allows him to grow his power slowly but consistently.

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

This is the same type of meditation that we see in Naruto and other such animes. This involves both visualization and breath control. Similar to the training in the hyperbolic chamber or the chamber of spirit and time, done by Goku and future trunks did.

However, Jirens’ meditation is way more advanced than the one was done by Goku and future trunks as Jiren in the state of meditation is opening up all the seven chukkas and actually attaining two forms.

Just like Dr.Strange, he can exist in two forms a physical and a soul or the sprite form. He can very much control the spirit form, as we see in the last episode when he didn’t even flinch while the blocks were coming behind him. he just closes his eyes and reads the moments.

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

Jiren is said to have really good eyes which allow him better resolution, color balance and an ability to recognize way more than what normal human eyes can. He also would survive more given his ability to actually have his spirit form or at least contact with the form he doesn’t have to waste his stamina as he did while he actually read the movement of the blocks.

His body is perfectly built for a fighter. Even Goku and Vegeta may seem weaklings in front of that body. So Toppo he doesn’t have a uneven body figure. Toppo and other pride troopers may have really good team coordination and so will Jiren so there is another advantage.

His Eyes and ears are way more powerful and efficient than that of Goku. He will be using up less stamina than Goku too, as we saw in the ‘Block scene’ where Goku jumped and used stamina while Jiren stood there somehow reading the movement of the blocks.

These, of course, are speculations but we have tried to keep it as close as possible to what may happen in the next episode.

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

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