Playing video games has always been a great way to spend a few hours, ease the mind and relax, but the tech has advanced so much that even video games are much more than just that today. Besides that, there are many new genres to choose from, and games based on anime are something that attracts more and more people. That is why, to help you spend less time going through video gaming news, we picked the best anime games on PS4 and PS5 for you to play in 2024.


NarutoShippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy


Anime lovers who own a PS4 or PS5 will surely be delighted with this game, as it is one of the best adaptations of Naruto when it comes to video games. This trilogy has it all, as it covers almost the entire story of Naruto, which is something real fans are searching for. The player needs to choose their favorite character and face different opponents on their road to winning the game, which is everything but easy and boring.

There is an option to choose between playing mission or free roam modes, and no matter which of them you choose to play, you cannot be wrong. In Storms two and three, you can even play in online mode against other people from all over the world.

Persona 5 The Royal


Even though the story is a traditional one where good faces evil, the fact of how it’s created, along with the details and the story behind it, gives this game a unique touch that keeps players attention. Another thing that many like about this game is about cut-scenes, as they are a bit lengthy, but these scenes perfectly show and explain the story, which every anime fan will find more than fitting.

The cast of characters is yet another topic, as the concept of the game perfectly shows that a great game doesn’t need to have a lead protagonist, as you can sympathize with other characters and still have the time of your life playing it. It comes as a remastered version of the original game, but with the extra plot twist, especially at the end, meaning that even those who played this game before will find some new and interesting challenges.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


Another game available on both PS4 and PS5 is the one based on the anime well known to every person who enjoys watching them – Dragon Ball Z. Although there are various video game adaptations of this great anime, it is not an exaggeration when we say that this one is probably the best one. In order to win, the player needs to battle with the opponents, which requires certain skills and quick reflexes to avoid their attacks.

The story covers most of the events from the anime, and every Dragon Ball Z lover will be amazed by the details. Once you get tired of battling, you can use the advantage of the “open-world” aspect and enjoy hunting and fishing, which can boost your stats important for winning.