Attack On Titan Episode 82

Things are getting clumsy from here. So, in the previous episode, we saw Eren march towards his final goal which is “Rumbling”. On the other hand, we saw Connie is going to utilize Falco with a Titan shifting power so that he could save his mom. Keith is back in the scene in order to save his comrades. Armin killed Pixis who is in his titan form in order to put an end to his misery. And now, fans are super eager to know further details regarding the series which is going to reveal in Attack On Titan Episode 82. After all, Annie is back!!!

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Attack On Titan Episode 82

Eren launches war on humanity, as we all know because he has all of the required justifications. But, just as they did in the previous episode of Attack On Titan, humanity’s saviors will meet him today. Marley’s soldiers assaulted Paradis Island after the Jaegerists captured it. The last episode of Season 4 of Attack On Titan is still in production, and fans are looking forward to it. So, when will Attack On Titan 82 be available to watch? Is Shigeki No Kyojin Final Episode 82 going to be aired on a regular basis? Let’s have a look at some of the things we might be able to learn:-

What is the release date of AOT Episode 82?

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7 or Attack On Titan Episode 82 will be released on February 21st, 2024. According to official data, Apart from that, the first episode of AOT Season 4 Part 2 Episode 6 will be titled “Sunset” It will be Attack on Titan’s most eagerly anticipated episode. The following are the dates and times:

  • Pacific Time: 12:45 PM PST (February 14th)
  • Central Time: 2:45 PM CST (February 14th)
  • Eastern Time: 3:45 PM EST (February 14th)
  • British Time: 8:45 PM GMT (February 14th)
  • European Time: 9:45 PM CET (February 14th)
  • Indian Time: 2:15 AM IST (February 14th)

What is the title of Attack On Titan 82?

According to our source, the title of Shingeki No Kyojin 81 aka Attack On Titan Episode 82 is “Sunset”.

Preview Of AOT Episode 81

Where To Watch Attack On Titan Episode 82?

According to reports, the final season would consist of 12 episodes, with Attack On Titan Episode 87 serving as the conclusion. That suggests the premiere of Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12 will be in March 2024. Now, let’s go further for Shingeki No Kyojin Episode 82. As per the official details we got, you can stream SnK Episode 82 on:-