As the anime is progressing towards its final episodes, Attack On Titan is getting more and more amazing. After agreeing on working together to stop Eren and the rumbling. Everyone moves towards the port in order to leave the island. But since the port is under the control of the Jaegerists. This won’t be an easy task. Will they be able to stop them? will be the thing to see in Attack On Titan Episode 86.

Moving forward this post will contain some of the spoilers. If you do not want to read them please be careful. And move straight to sections like Release Date and Where to watch. Apart from this, we will include the raw scans, spoilers, and leaks for Attack On Titan Episode 86. So read till the end and have a good read.

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Attack On Titan Episode 86:

Hange and Magath were previously seen watching the waterfront in Attack on Titan Episode 86. Trying to figure out how to get the flying boat. Many of the Marleyan continent’s northeastern cities have already been devastated by the titans led by Eren. They are now traversing the seas considerably faster than expected and will soon arrive in Hizuru.

Floch is informed by Armin and Connie that the Warriors have fled. And are on their way south to obtain the flying boat. They intend to use the flying boat to pursue them. Armin and Connie explain that in order to pursue the Warriors, they must remove the explosives from the boat.

They persuaded them that they are on their side and would never betray them. Daz and Samuel trust them, and they begin to detonate the explosives one by one. When Mikasa and the others storm the structure, however, Floch warns all of the soldiers in the area that Hange’s Scouts are traitors. Reiner and Annie appear and change as if on cue, ready to fight.

When Daz and Samuel understand Connie and Armin are enemies, a fight breaks out between the four of them. Daz fires multiple shots at Armin right away. Connie kills both Daz and Samuel with the gun he snatched from Samuel at the end of the episode. The final theme begins with his screams of pain filling the air.

Release Date:

Attack on Titan Episode 86 Titled “Retrospective” will be released on 20th March 2024. According to the official sources. And as we all know Attack on Titan is a weekly anime, releasing every Sunday. If there’s a change in the dates this article will be updated accordingly. This is going to be another crucial episode since the fight for the port will continue.

Here are the official Dates and Times for the episodes release:

  • Pacific Time: 01:45 PM PST (March 20th)
  • Central Time: 2:45 PM CST (March 20th)
  • Eastern Time: 4:45 PM EST (March 20th)
  • British Time: 8:45 PM GMT (March 20th)
  • European Time: 9:45 PM CET (March 20th)
  • Indian Time: 2:15 AM IST (March 20th)

Also, Here’s the preview of the next chapter:

Where To Watch Attack on Titan Episode 86?

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