Attack on Titan final season episode 10 further clears why Zeke betrayed Marley and are his plans to free the Eldians. Another secret that is revealed in this episode is the identity of Mikasa. Among all these things there are some small details hinted towards fans. A lot of flashbacks can be seen in this episode, of the events that happened during the time skip. This article will cover the whole episode and will contain spoilers, you have been warned. So without any more delay let’s discuss these reveals in detail.


Attack on Titan Episode 10 ” A Sound Agreement” is available on the official streaming platforms with the rest of the episodes and seasons, here’s the link:




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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10 Recap:

Zeke’s Plan:

First, let’s talk about Zeke’s plan to free the Eldians. As seen in Episode 10 that the port is now complete and they welcome their first visitor Kiyomi Azumabito from Hizuru. Hizuru’s are the only know nation to have ties with Paradis island in the past. Kiyomi reveals that this meeting is made possible by none other than Zeke’s help. A flashback is shown Zeke and Kiyomi meeting in secret. Zeke gifts and ODM gear with some fuel. The fuel is known as Iceburst Stone, which is only available on Paradis Island. But later it’s revealed that Hizuru wants to monopolize the resources of Paradis Island and has no intention to help them.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10

In the meeting, Kiyomi communicates the plan Zeke had in mind. the three points were:

  • Conduct a test run of rumbling. 
  • Strengthen the military of Paradis Island.
  • lastly founding titan and the beast titan should be passed down to someone with royal blood, who can keep the royal blood going and can use the powers of the founding titan.

Historia agrees to inherit the beast titan as she is the only royal blood on Paradis Island.  But Eren is not satisfied with this plan and argues that they should seek other options. In another flashback, we see change suggests that they should infiltrate Marley and show the world their point of view. As the world sees them as devils and this helps every nation work together, bringing peace amongst them.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10

Among all this, there’s some comic relief like in one of the flashbacks Levi is jealous that everyone grew so much taller even Connie also. In one scene we can see Mikasa casually just moving 2-3 Rods of steel alone.

Mikasa’s origin:

When the Kiyomi Azumabito from Hizuru arrives on the island, they show their family crest. Upon seeing, Eren asks Mikasa to show them the symbol on her hand. First, she was reluctant but then she shows it to everyone. It’s the same symbol that Hizuru’s family crest has. This is when we learn about Mikasa’s past and where she is from. Kiyomi explains to them the story that how in past a child was left behind on the island. further, she says Mikasa is the lost descendant of Hizuru’s shogun and the hope of Hizuru.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10

Eren’s End Goal:

Attack on Titan episode 10 reveals that Zeke wants to pass down the power of the founding titan to the royal blood and make them have children. The only one that can make that possible is Historia and she agrees to inherit the Beast titan. But Eren is against this as he does not want Historia to have a short span of time and live as a breeding cattle. Eren in the present time is in jail, but he goes berserk and says that with the power of war hammer titan, no jail is enough for him.

Everyone also noticed that the Eren, who cares about them so much have changed drastically. In the flashback, we can see he is against the idea of passing down the power of attack titan to his friends, as he wants them to have long lives. This hints towards why Eren decides to activate the rumbling and why he attacked Marley. It seems that to save everyone Eren needs to destroy everyone else in the world.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 10

Connie points out that old Eren would have never put his friends on the front lines that led to Sasha’s death. And that they must be ready when the time comes to eliminate Eren. Mikasa is the only one who defends Eren’s action. Connie shuts her down with a question that everybody is thinking about: Why Eren laughed when he heard Sasha Dies?

Attack Titans Will of Freedom:

Another theory is that from the past the attack titan is the only one who wants freedom and acts differently from others. Maybe that will of Attack titan is driving Eren and that’s why he is talking to himself in the mirror saying: Fight…Fight…Fight.

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