Black Clover Episode 165 brings more formidable enemies and great battles. After Luck, it’s time for Charmy, Leopold, and other magic knights to show how far they have come. With their training with the spirit guardians.

Finally, The devil: Megicula enters the battle arena and comes face to face with Noelle and others. As previously mentioned Megicula is the devil that killed Noelle’s mom and she seeks revenge.

Black Clover Episode 164

If you haven’t watched the episode yet this post contains spoilers. So without any delay let’s Dive into the world of Magic and see a recap of earlier chapter and what’s next for our magic knights. Let’s look forward to Black Clover Chapter 165.

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Black Clover Episode 165: Release Date

The new episode Black Clover Episode 165 “Water Crusade” will air on 23rd February 2024. As some fans know that the Latest episode comes out on Tuesday every week. If there are some changes or delay this article will be updated, so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

From the preview, it looks like there’s going to be an all-out battle between The water spirit and Vanica who is possessed by Megicula. before closing, we see the map of the heart kingdom cracking down, what does that mean? well, you would have to keep some patience.

Episode 164 Recap:

Black Clover Episode 164 opens with Yami Cutting Dante with his sword. But Dante just heals himself quickly, while members of Black Bulls are confused as to what magic is this. Dante Reveals that he wants to open the underworld, through The Tree of Qliphoth. In order to do that he requires the dark magic of Yami and the world tree magic of William.

Meanwhile, we see Halbet Chevour is destroying the forest and food. She has already defeated Potrof, one of the spirit Guardians of heart kingdom. As she creates havoc, Charmy comes to the villager’s rescue. But Halbet mocks her body and captures Charmy with magic hairs of her. Upon hearing ill about the food and her body Charmy goes beserk. We see her in hybrid form and she uses her dual magic mana ability to trap Halbet into a barrier. Where Charmy can cook her opponent as if they are in a kitchen. Potrof who trained Charmy is happy to see how far she has come.

Black Clover Episode 164

Cut to another location, Leopold is battling against a dark disciple, Sivoir Snyle. Sivoir uses Long-range attacks and Eyeball magic to locate and understand what moves the opponent is going to make. He also defeated Floga, one of the spirit Guardians of the heart kingdom. Leopold endures and creates a large array, which shocks the villagers. Then he uses true flame magic: Crimson Eruption, and locates him. Showers another attack which looks like a final blow.

Black Clover Episode 164

Finally, back at lolopechka’s place, she is happy that every dark disciple is gone. Suddenly the wall behind them breaks and another dark disciple attacks them. But Mimosa with water spirits’ mana burns him to the ground. This marks the entry of Vanica who is possessed by Megicula.

Black Clover: Where to watch Episode?

Black clover episode 165 and the rest of the series is available on Crunchyroll  & Funimation 

(We recommend you to watch and read Anime and Manga only from official sites. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.)

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