The raw scans of Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 361 are out now! While the limelight has shifted away from Bakugo for a while, it has, unfortunately, landed on Tamaki.

Additionally, My Hero Academia chapter 361 presents another glimpse of a young Tenko Shimura post-chapter 334 in the same context.

In the previous chapter, Shigaraki assaulted Bakugo and planned to use him against Deku. The Big 3 saved the boy and returned him to Best Jeanist. However, Bakugo kept observing the battle and making his own plan. Planning to hold over Shigaraki for as long as possible, Mirio and Nejire combined their attacks. At this point, Mirio unwillingly mocked Shigaraki for not having any friends.


My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 361 is scheduled to release on Sunday 31st July 2023. New chapters of Boku no Hero Academia come out every other Sunday unless a break is announced.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter: 361 raw scans

boku no hero academia chapter 361

My Hero Academia chapter 361 starts with Mirio’s words, which shocks Shigaraki. Tenko Shimura is once again seen inside Shigaraki, surrounded by the hands of his family. Tomura quickly breaks free of AFO’s control and protests Mirio’s accusations of not having any friends. Mirio then apologizes. Besides, he notices that his attack has not affected Shigaraki’s body.

boku no hero academia chapter 361 raw scans

Shigaraki manages to make his way toward Bakugo and Best Jeanist. Nejire continues to attack as Mirio encourages Tamaki. Boku no Hero Academia chapter 361 then cuts to a flashback of the trio in their first year, when Tamaki and Mirio first met Nejire. It is uncertain from the raw scans whose flashback this is, but the outlook and tone indicate that Nejire is having the flashback.

my hero academia chapter 361

After a few panels showing how the trio became friends, the chapter ends with Tamaki releasing a final combination attack on Shigaraki. The attack consists of several aspects of several animals that Tamaki has likely eaten over a long period of time.

bnha chapter 361

Tenko Shimura’s appearance indicates that Tomura had reluctantly given up his body to AFO. He somehow still hopes to be saved and is holding on to his true personality. One may debate that by representing Tomura’s true self as the distressed child that Tenko had been, Horikoshi is trying to tell that Tomura remained a child whom the heroes failed. However, this also indicates that Tomura never developed beyond a child’s mentality.

bnha chapter 361

AFO/Shigaraki seems extremely focused on Bakugo, and Chapter 361 shows that he is neglecting everything in his path to get to the boy. Whether AFO is scared about his loss against Deku without any leverage, or if this is purely a manifestation of his brutal nature, remains unclear.

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Where can you read the new chapter?

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 will be free to read on various platforms like Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. You can read the first three chapters and the latest chapter for free. However, you will have to pay a minimum subscription fee to read the entire catalog and other Manga.

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