Boruto 63

Boruto Chapter 63 will feature Boruto vs Code as per the last chapter’s end. The official Chapter 63 release date is October 20, 2024.

Finally, Boruto manga is resuming fights after that Big Isshiki fight in which Kurama died. The manga went on fillers and backstory but now it’s back on the action pace. Kawaki and Boruto together are about to fight Code, while Eida is watching them through her ability from some other place while Daemon is half asleep.


Boruto Chapter 63 Release Time

The Boruto Chapter 63 will release on time and there is no official delay currently. The official release date for Boruto Chapter 63 is October 20, 2024, and the release time for every country is 11:59:59 PM JST (Japan Standard Time). For UTC it will be 3:00 PM. (Just add the extra hours to this from your timezone)

Boruto Chapter 63

Where can you read Boruto Manga 63?

You can read Boruto manga online on legal manga reading websites that support the creators like VIZ Media and Mangaplus. The websites provide the latest manga chapters and you can read the last three latest chapters for free. We highly condemn the use of illegal manga reading and anime streaming websites.






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Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers Status: Chapter 63 Spoilers, Title, Raw Scans, summary not released yet!

Once everything will release we will update you all as soon as possible, therefore bookmark this page to get the latest chapter updates.

Boruto Chapter 63

Speculations for future Boruto Manga Chapters

These speculations might happen in the upcoming Boruto Chapter 63, 64, 65, 66 and would be really interesting to see:

  • Where did Kashin Koji (Jiraiya’s Clone) go after he was almost defeated by Isshiki? That is a big mystery but he might have a major role in upcoming chapters.
  • Is Amado the real villain?
  • Will Code be able to remove the limiters to his strength?
  • Will Code keep Kawaki and Boruto Hostage
  • Will Daemon fight Code if anything hurts Eida
  • How Amado is able to create so strong cyborgs?
  • Will Sasuke figure out Code’s plan and fight him soon
  • Who is the new cyborg being created in Konoha to protect it? Will it really protect it?
  • How will Naruto fight after Kurama is gone?
  • Eida interfering Boruto, Kawaki vs Code fight

Recap of Boruto Chapter 62

Boruto Manga Chapter 62 covers Kawaki vs Code’s fight, where Kawaki decides to leave Konoha by suppressing chakra and end himself against Code in return for saving Konoha and Naruto’s life. This fails as Code starts beating him and Boruto saves his brother. After this fight, Kawaki will have no choice to take Amado’s deal of the karma seal, which he will use to save Naruto’s life in the future against the God Tree Divine Chakra fruit which code is planning to create for Isshiki Otsutsuki’s will.

But how will they all retreat back home to Konoha as no one powerful is here to handle Code? Maybe Sasuke will figure something out or maybe Kashin koji will be back soon. Or maybe Eida will interfere soon. The new strong cyborg which is in the building phase might join soon too.

About Boruto Naruto Next Generation

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto: Shippuden Manga series. The manga was originally written by Ukyo Kodachi but it was passed to Masashi Kishimoto after 53 chapters.

Boruto was serialized in May 2016 by Shueisha and become part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As of writing, the manga series has already garnered 13 volumes since its serialization. The series already got its own anime adaptation which started airing in April 2017. But before the start of the anime, a Boruto movie has been released in 2015.

Boruto Chapter 63 will release on October 20, 2024. Stay tuned on Omnitos for the latest manga and anime updates. If you want to read it in English in the United States you may go to the Viz website and it is also available in Spanish on Mangaplus.

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