Goku Vs Vegeta

The most iconic thing in the Dragon Ball series is the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta undoubtedly. While both of these powerhouses have their own fanbase all around the world. But, there is one question left between them, Who will win? and Who is stronger. Goku fans are ruthless, and they will never agree to fact that Goku can be defeated by anyone. But, we can agree that to a certain extent as it really seems possible that anyone could defeat Goku.

But, if we think deeply there seems to be only one person who can ever surpass Goku and defeat him, that is Vegeta. But, Goku will hide his power levels at first and surpass every villain. He increases his power levels much more from learning and tremendous hard work.

Goku Vs Vegeta

But we should not forget the Prince of Saiyans Vegeta. He always has the competitive spirit to catch up with Goku, no matter what happens. It is obvious that these 2 are driving forces for each other. Goku always powers up of the fear that Vegeta may surpass him and Vice Versa.

So can we expect Vegeta really going to overtake Goku in the future or he is done that already?


The entry of Vegeta in Goku Life

Before we start with the debate about who will win, let’s learn a little bit more about this villain turned Super Saiyan. Vegeta is the prince of the mighty Saiyan race. He is the most iconic character in the world, not just the Dragon Ball franchise. Though he started as Villian. Usually, in animes villains who turn into superheroes will not be that bad at the beginning of the show. He is price filled with pride and didn’t care about anything.

To learn more about ego-filled hero past, we have to travel back to age 732. King Vegeta is reigning over the Saiyan race. But, at that time the Saiyan race is under the control of nasty Frieza. One day, Freiza takes complete control over the race, Kockning Vegeta out of his title. So, King Vegeta is under Frieza’s force, the dictator is able to take control of his son. Vegeta has to obey Freizas orders else he will lose his father.

Goku and Vegeta

Freiza carries the thought to destroy the Saiyan race and send Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz to complete the mission. Vegeta tries to defeat the mad tyrant Mighty Freiza. Vegeta decided to lay for now and strike him at the right time. Vegeta heard a word about Dragon Balls from dying Raditz. He tells everything to Vegeta, where are they and what they are capable of. Then Vegeta and Nappa made their way to Earth and this is how they will meet Goku.

Can Vegeta Surpass Goku?

If we look at some of the moments, where Vegeta is actually stronger than Goku. Such Movements are the best examples of Vegeta Capabilities. First thing first, from the name itself it is clear that Prince is naturally stronger than Kakrot. It’s his pride and arrogance that blocks his true potential. In the first fight with Goku, we can see how higher Vegeta stands on power level. He can easily defeat Goku using his most deadly techniques.

Vegeta hit Beerus

In cell Saga, When trunks return from the future and tell everyone about the android attack. Everyone trained separately Goku went with Gohan and Piccolo, but Vegeta had his path. The guy went to space and train himself, while he used near-death environments to increase everything about himself. When he went to earth, it is clear that he surpassed every single person.

Another example with the God of Destruction, Beerus. When Beerus went over the line to struck Bulma. Vegeta is able to strike Beerus successfully and hurt him. While Goku is able to achieve this by entering Super Saiyaan God. At that time Goku is at Super Saiyan 3 but, Vegeta is at Super Saiyan 2. You can clearly see how the prince has more brute natural strength.

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