Boruto Episode 119, 120 Spoilers and Release Thread


Boruto will have fillers until Episode 119, but now it is confirmed for Boruto Episode 120 will feature Urashiki Otsutsuki’s story arc. Episode 118 releases on August 5th.

In Episode 119 the ‘Lemon Arc’ will end. New Urashiki Arc begins second last week of August from 18th August in Episode 120.

Special thanks to Organic Dinosaur on Twitter for all the Spoilers and Translations!

Boruto Manga is currently going really crazy and we recommend you to read it, though it may spoil the anime series.

The manga will debut with its much-anticipated Chapter 37 on August 20, 2019, which will feature Naruto vs the new villain (Jigen).

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Boruto Episode 119 (Spoilers) Detailed spoilers Updated

Release Date is 11 August 2019 (According to Timezone)

Title: “Konohamaru’s Nindou (/Ninja Way)”

Trouble springs up for Lemon and Kankitsu’s marriage ceremony! The seal of the “Souma” releases in the midst of their marriage ceremony!

Boruto and Konohamaru try to stop the “Souma”, but neither weapons nor ninjutsu is effective against it – which causes it to become a very difficult battle for them.

DETAILED UPDATE by Organic Dinosaur on Twitter:

Just as Boruto regains the memories that were stolen away from him by the monster, “Souma”, Konohamaru begins to mobilize in order to save Lemon again! However, just before he could do so, the seal releases and the “Souma” gets resurrected.

Boruto and Konohamaru keep trying to stop it one way or another, but weapons and ninjutsu are ineffective – There aren’t any successful techniques.

Witnessing this, Lemon decides to use a sealing method on the monster: It’s a process that the ancestors of the Yoimura Clan have previously utilized on it.

However, there’s a huge price to pay* in order to utilize it–. * [TIN): Not literally. But essentially, it implies that there will be some sort of high ramification/major consequences at stake in exchange for doing it.

Boruto Episode 120 (Spoilers)

Release Date is 18 August 2019

Title: “Heading Towards Sasuke”

In order to meet up with Sasuke, Boruto is going towards the Wind Country! Boruto finds out about the location where Sasuke is stopping by for a short visit in the Wind Country!

In order to meet up with Sasuke, he secretly leaves the village.

Detailed Spoiler Update for 120 By Organic Dinosaur

During the time of the Chuunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto’s mentor. Since his mentor tends to be away from home, Boruto hasn’t been able to receive much training from him – He’s gotten tired of waiting on him to come back.

But on this occasion, a message arrives to the village from Sasuke. Boruto stealthily eavesdrops on the contents of it, and finds out that Sasuke is going to be dropping by for a short visit at a certain location in the “Wind Country”.

In order to receive training from him somehow, Boruto then secretly rushes out of the village. But at the same time, various accidents keep happening -one after another – and he isn’t readily able to reach his destination. Will Boruto actually be able to meet up with his mentor!?

The new Arc will start from episode 120 and the hype is real. Urashiki or his story will be involved in Episode 120. See the image as proof below:

The new Arc will start from episode 120 and the hype is real.