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A few days ago, the popular manga series Chainsaw Man announced its anime adaptation. Ever since Chainsaw Man manga released its first few chapters, its popularity grew rapidly, and it soon became one of the most anticipated manga series at the moment. Chainsaw Man will be animated by MAPPA studio, another reason why the entire anime community is waiting in anticipation.

However, the manga series achieved something that has surprised everyone lately. As per the statistics provided by Shueisha’s Manga Plus, Chainsaw Man is the most viewed manga series on their platform. Fans were thrilled to see their favorite manga series have the most number of views on one of the most popular manga platforms in the world.


Chainsaw Man Manga becomes the most viewed manga series on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus

chainsaw man

Fans were very happy to see that their favorite manga series had the highest views on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus with an impressive figure of 710,885 views. The reason why this news became such a hot topic is that it overtook One Piece, which is considered to be one of the best-selling and most popular mangas of all time. Now that One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda announced that chapter 1054 would mark the beginning of the Final Saga, fans expected One Piece to have more views than Chainsaw Man.

However, this series has made its significant mark in the manga community owing to its complex plot, awesome characters, and the way some of the dialogues have been written. Chainsaw Man’s art is quite original and the hybrid designs certainly appeal to a large group of the anime and manga community across the world. The chemistry shared between the characters also adds to the charm of this awesome manga series. While some fans are surprised, some aren’t because of the sheer quality the series has showcased so far.

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The plot of the series

Much like many people in the world, Denji too has a simple dream. He aims to find peace and happiness and spend his life with the lady he loves. However, Denji had a ton of debt and was forced by the Yakuza to kill devils to make up for the debt he suffered. Denji’s pet devil, Pochita, was used to wipe out the devils. Denji was ready to do anything for money.

In spite of that, he was no longer useful to the Yakuza and was killed by one of the devils that had a contract with the Yakuza. After a shocking turn of events, Pochita joined with Denji and granted him the powers of the Chainsaw devil. Denji is now able to modify various parts of his body into chainsaws. He is offered a job at the Public Safety Bureau and hopes to accomplish all that he dreamt of as a teenager. But the trouble continues to follow, and life is not as easy as he initially thought it would be. Thanks for reading!