Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Spoilers: Goku and u6 vs Team Jiren


Dragon Ball Super: Spoilers Episode 101

Episode 100 was nothing less than awesome! We saw Jiren use his boss attitude and his ki blast which blew Kale and our minds away. Unlike a lot of theories Jiren does not really throw out Kale out of the arena, but instead, he knocks her unconscious. If you haven’t watched the latest episode yet watch it now!

The scans of episode 101 came out a few days ago… and well, the scans say a lot about long awaited Jiren and Goku’s fight. We have something about master Roshi too.

DBS ep.101 “The Warriors of Justice Close in! Pride Troopers!” this airs on July 30th. Excited already. The mighty warriors of universe 11 attacks with teamwork. well, this is exactly what we expect from universe 11. 

Goku Challenges Jiren of Universe 11, but Jiren sends five of his Pride Troopers. Comrades (including Kahseral) are set to attack Goku and co. To defeat them Goku teams up with the likes of Kale and Caulifla.

The five pride troopers will be mostly the ones who are meant to be taken out real soon. I was surprised when the Yadrat was taken out so easily. I mean, did you not expect some cool attacks from him? In the new ending song, we see only a few universe 11 guys and the only one from the five fighting Goku and Co. right now is Kahseral.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?! Goku fights along side Caulifla and Kelly!! Kahseral fights as well as you’d expect from the leader of the Pride Troopers.

Today’s preview shows a moment where Caulifla seems to be protecting Kale while they fight together with Goku. Yes, she cries a lot, but this thing seemed something different. May be we will be seeing Kale in the “True Saiyan” form but this time she will be the one controlling it. If not I don’t see Kale being of any help anyway. Do you?

We know from the preview it is not just universe 11 who will be attacking Goku and team, we have some more of universe 4 or 3 guys attacking Goku. Kahseral seems to be holding good against the androids. Though they have infinite energy but does that count when you are fighting with someone who is potentially a better-modified android?

The last episode we saw Goku getting beaten up by Kale in his God form, was that the true power of a Super Saiyan God? No. He wasn’t even trying if you see his fights with Zamasu or with Toppo he has given out ki blast which was at least 10 times bigger and stronger than what he used against Kale. I mean that Kamehameha looked malnourished! It could be that he did not want to hurt Kale or he did a serious miscalculation.

Yeah, and you thought Toppo was the leader. We all did. But look at this from this perspective, Toppo was strong. I mean he could hold himself quite well while Goku was in his God form, so does that mean Kahseral will be stronger than him?

Turtle Hermit This Week: Putting us such a fight that you can hardly tell his age.

When the turtle hermit loses sight of his Comrades, he escapes the predicament by paralyzing his opponent with the Bankoku-Bikkuri-Shu until his comrades arrive! Muten Roshi is still alive and kicking.

For those of you who don’t know what the Bankuru Bikkuki Shu is..

Thunder Shock Surprise (萬國驚天掌 Bankoku Bikkuri Shō, lit. “Worldwide Surprise Palm”) is one of Master Roshi/Jackie Chun’s most powerful attacks. The user shoots a lightning blast towards the target using both hands and traps the opponent within an electric field. According to Yamcha in the English dub, this technique turns all the energy in the user’s body into 20,000 volts of electricity. The attack is extremely lethal and dangerous, and as such, Roshi prefers not to use it. Normally, the opponent cannot escape; however, Goku, was able to escape by transforming into a Great Ape at the sight of the full moon.

We have seen Master Roshi use this attack in the good old days. If you recall master Roshi has been the prime character of all time. I mean Dragon Ball he was the prime character, recently in the future trunks arc, he taught Goku the Evil containment technique, the fight with the Frieza army, he is an evergreen character.

The preview of episode 101, could have been much better, I mean the scans show so much more. The community would have loved to see a look of Master Roshi kicking some butts.

It will be really cool to see master Roshi fight again. Comment below if you too are excited for the same! Do hit the like button if you like the article and make sure to watch the new episode of Dragon Ball super, It is epic! given it is their 100th episode, I think they did a good job… There are a lot of questions to be answered, who will be the next universe to be knocked out? Will the theory of elimination be true? Is the Grand Priest really evil?