Howdy, everyone in this article I will cover the key elements of Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 which is gonna be the first Episode of 2018, as we all know from the preview that Vegeta is gonna give a hard time to Jiren as per his expressions while fighting Vegeta, see:

Many people must have noticed that Vegeta is trying very hard against Jiren and results are obvious, though when Goku fought in Super Saiyan blue, don’t forget that he was with less stamina than Vegeta, at the end of the preview Goku says – ” Draw Forth Power Beyond your Limit! ”

Vegeta hits Jiren two times point blank! One kick and one punch, don’t expect anything less from this Episode 122 as it will be animated by the same animator who animated Episode 110, his name is Takahashi, he is known for amazing animation quality and level of detail, some amazing clips you can see above this paragraph.

This is how it goes : Freeza gets tossed by his tale and Gohan seems to fight Toppo, Freeza will fight Dyspo!

This is hinting either Vegeta will get the Perfected Ultra Instinct or will end up falling/getting defeated. In the next Episode that is 123, it is for sure that someone is gonna get the Perfected Ultra Instinct with full power of body and mind, it will eventually get clear after seeing the preview of Episode 123 on 6/7th January, 2018.

Therefore after the fall of Amilaza and Android 18 only 8 warriors are left on the stage and 9 minutes are left, Goku is still the Most Valuable Player with most number of Eliminations and Vegeta being the next! Special thanks to KenXyro for this Chart:

Today’s surprising moment was the Mosco Sama’s revelation at the end:

Most importantly, Merry Christmas Everyone! 😉

Those who have not seen the spoilers of Episode 123 can see them below:

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Spoilers – “Unleash Entire Power Of Mind And Body!” (Provisional Title)

As you see in title of the Episode 123- “Unleash Entire Power Of Mind And Body” this literally means that some one is going to get perfected Ultra Instinct but as we all know that Defensive Ultra Instinct use Entire Power Of Mind but not the Body because when Goku was using Ultra Instinct his punches were weak. Full summary is not available yet!

Provisional title and the actual title are almost identical, and the story of the episode remains same as said by the title!

So, are you ready for the Vegeta vs Jiren on January 6th? Drop your thoughts/opinions in the comment box and do allow our blog’s notifications.

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