Drink Box Announces New Game: Nobody Saves The World Release Date

Just after the release of the last game, The Legend of Zelda the company immediately started focusing on the making of the next game. The co-founder of the Drink Box industry Graham Smith stated about this new game and said this game would be a mix of the previous two of the most famous games of Drink Box.

The names of their previous two games are The Legend Of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics. The gamers are quite excited after knowing about this and eagerly waiting for the game to release. The new game is titled Nobody Saves the World. Yes, the game has a very unique name but what’s more unique is the idea behind this game. let’s have a deep look into Drink Box Announces New Game: Nobody Saves The World.

The name is based on the plot of the game which explains this a lot. Here the players have to save the world ruled by monsters, brutes, and many other dangerous threats. Here the player is a magician who was disappeared from the world, but after years now returned and does not have any form.

The first task will be to clear out the threat and reestablish the world. To do so the players are given only one magical wand. The wand allows the character to take any form and the players will get the ability of that character for a particular duration of time. This means that there is no hero in the entire game and that’s exactly how the game got his name. let’s have a quick look at Nobody Saves The World

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More About the Game

In a recent interview with Polygon, the developers gave us a few insights into the game. Starting from how they got the idea to create such a game, and the game is based on which of the two games. In the previous game that is Final Fantasy Tactics where the players can switch to any character which they like.

And also it has got an underground environment which gives a similar feeling to Legend Of Zelda. A lot of character options are also provided to the players. They can choose from 18 different forms. Every character has unique powers and qualities. At the time of testing the game with players, they noticed that players are sticking to only one character and are not exploring the other characters.

After playing most of the players had the mindset ”I like the Rat character, so I will stick to it”. Later on, the developers put extra effort into this part of the game and added many new extra features to all the other characters. So that the players don’t stick to only one character and explore others also.

Initially, at the start of the game, the players have to start with the most basic character and slowly can transition into characters of similar quality. But unlocking a legendary character like a dragon will require a lot of hard work and time. Players can also mismatch the abilities of the character which is something new in the game. This was about Nobody Saves The World.

Release Date

The exact release date of the game is not known yet, but in a recent event, the developers revealed a bit about the game. They have just hinted that the game will release in 2024. The confirmed date is not yet announced. The game is presumed to arrive by the end of summer. I hope now you know everything about Nobody Saves The World.

The game will be available for both PC and console players. The PC version of the game will be made available on Steam and the Microsoft Store for the players. And for others like Xbox, it will be launched on the same day. It’s been a while since we have seen any game from Drink Box studio so the fans are waiting eagerly for this game and are excited to play this game.

Also, watch the Nobody save The World Trailer