Girl Power- Giving Respect and Changing Minds,Need of the hour


Girl Power

This is not feminism but it’s all about giving respect to all the women which they deserve like men. Girl Power

Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have now become age-old issues all over the world. Equality in the matters of education, employment or politics, women are leading them all.
Education being the very first step towards success, girls are now removing the bars of it and proving their existence in the society. They are performing better at school than boys, as per the annual results of Secondary and Higher Secondary Board Examinations.
All this sounded really inspiring, isn’t it? But the story behind this will shatter those broad-minded people out there. Girls have genuinely fought for themselves. But I believe, for girls ‘time’ isn’t something big to fight against. The only thing which is higher to them or should be is their desire to make her life into poetry- something as beautiful as the dreams that dance in her imagination.
So here I present an extraordinary poem by an extraordinary girl.


Girl Power 

~  Navya Malik.


In this so called educated society,
a child was born with the hopes of becoming like them.
As the family held the baby,
she saw in their eyes the feeling of condemn.

“The child is a girl”, none of them shouted with joy.

Disheartening day it was.
The gleaming eyes of that sensitive creature,
cried a little harder after a pause.

She was given all the care and affection,
yet something major was missing.
It was the pride in the eyes of her parents,
and this was enough for her to know that she wasn’t a blessing.

That day she decided to become like a boy
and stepped into the world of knowledge.
With the help of hard work and determination,
she got through school and college.

Worked for hours and hours patiently,
she not only earned money but also respect.
Her hard work finally paid off,
as the society changed their perspect.

The girls are now ruling the nation,
they have made their own identity.
Calling them “like boys” would be foolish,
girls are no more a burden on society.


———- Navya Malik ( Author )

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