Goku Limit Breaker X form Revealed

Disclaimer: This may happen as it’s from an official source but isn’t necessary that it would be this form.

Dragon Ball Super released a Twitter feed with a picture of Goku with potentially a new form. Could this be a New God Goku? Is this a Mastered Kaioken? Is this Goku’s New Form? Will Goku beat Jiren with this form? Is this a Dragon Ball Super Spoiler? there are really a lot of question!

We have a lot to cover in this article. We have the brand new poster of Goku. Some additional pictures from the next episode and also a new trailer of the dragon ball super survival arc!

This is really exciting! The new poster of Goku is just mind blowing! We know things are getting fierce when Goku loses his shirt. The one thing to notice here is his hair. The blue and black shade. Reminds you of someone? GOGETA!? Can this be a new form?

The manga has already done this where Goku has perfected the God form and is able to actually efficiently use the God ki in his base form. It’s much like the Mystic Gohan form but different. This form could be immensely powerful or it could be just a mistake in adjusting the color balance.

We also have the official images of episode 97 and these small things really heat up the whole community with excitement! Let’s look each of them one by one.

The first we have Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan and we have the sun like a thing glowing behind them. This could be something that keeps track of the time. The whole stage does look like a sun dial though. This could be the very starting image as all the characters are in their base form.

moving on to the next image. We have Universe 6 with Kale leading the team. Hit seems worried and he is standing behind. He might be really worried given his team members are no match to many universes participating in the tournament.

We have another picture from Universe 6, where we have Hit and Frost. We can speculate they are going to work something out together. Though they have their difference, it means nothing if they do not survive after 42 minutes.

Then we have we have Frieza getting a little bit too excited. Frieza seems to be enjoying the start of the tournament but then again it’s just the starting. Gohan though, doesn’t seem really excited about things happening around.

The Poster of the fighting 10 is the next image with Frieza replacing Majin Buu. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference though.

The last image we have universe 7 surrounded by almost all the universe. This came up as a leak of episode 98 where universe 7 will face the concentrated attack of all the universe in the beginning.

The thing to notice here is not only is Goku out of the Picture, Frieza and Vegeta too are not present here. We know Goku is going to be alone and is going to be attacked by 8 oppornent soon(Make sure to read the article based on ep.98 in the gallery below). So I speculate we can see some team work between Vegeta and Frieza.

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