When you become a mother, you want your children to be close and able to talk about anything with you. Moreover, if you have a daughter, there are usually many activities that can be done together to get closer to each other. Even though it may be difficult to do, especially when your child is in their midz

-teens, you need to remember that this is very important to do. To show that you are not a figure to be afraid of, and prevent your children to lie or close themselves off from you.

The closeness between a daughter and her mother has many important values ​​in your daughter’s physical, emotional, and social development. Here are some reasons why the closeness and bond between a teenage daughter and mother is important


1. Emotional Support


Teenage girls face a variety of physical, emotional, and social changes during puberty. With a sense of closeness to the mother provides emotional support which is important in dealing with these changes. As a mother, you can be someone to talk to, consult with, and share experiences about the changes experienced by teenage girls, such as menstruation, hormonal changes, social relationships, and so on.

2. Help Formation Identity and Instill Important Value

Adolescents are in the process of forming their identities and personal values. When they are close to their mother, it can better help them to understand the family, cultural, and religious values ​​that are important to them. Mothers can provide positive guidance and role models in shaping identity and values ​​that are in line with family beliefs.

3. Healthy Sexual Education


Healthy and accurate sexual education is very important for teenage girls. A mother can be a trusted source of information about reproductive health, healthy sexual relations, and self-protection from sexual risks. The closeness between mothers and daughters also allows you both to be able to discuss sensitive topics such as sexuality. This kind of conversation which is often considered taboo can be talked openly and without embarrassment.

4. Improvement of Family Relationships

The closeness between teenage daughters and mothers can improve overall family relationships. This closeness can stimulate good communication between other family members, such as fathers and siblings, and creates strong family bonds. The closeness between you and your daughters can also help overcome family conflicts and strengthen harmonious family relationships.

5. Improve Mental and Emotional Health


Closeness to the mother can also affect the mental and emotional health of teenage girls. Being emotionally bonded with their mother can be a protective factor against mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Mothers can also help teenage daughters recognize and manage their emotions in healthy ways.

6. Life Skills Learning

When you and your daughter are close, they can also be provided with opportunities to learn important life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, managing money and time, from you. These skills will come in handy for teenage girls as they enter the world of adulthood and independence.

How To Easily Create a Closer Bond Between Mother and Daughter?


When a child becomes a teenager, they start to have their own world and preferences. Thus, it may create challenges for you to make your child more open and close to you.

Bringing a closer relationship between mother and daughter can be a process that varies for each family, but there’s no need to worry, there are three ultimate tips that you can do to help bring the relationship closer between you and your beloved daughter.

● Open Communication

Honest, open, and empathetic communication can form the foundation of a strong mother-daughter relationship. Talk to your daughter regularly, listen to what she has to say, and pay full attention when you talk to her. Don’t be afraid to talk about feelings, problems, or concerns your daughter may have. When you communicate in an open and understanding way, your daughter will feel heard and valued, and this can strengthen your relationship with her.

● Spending Time Together


Spending time together can strengthen the bond between mother and daughter.  Find special time alone with your daughter, whether it’s doing activities you enjoy together, like hanging out, talking, or shopping together.

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● Be Understanding and Patient

When interacting with your daughter, be understanding and patient. Remember that your daughter is a unique individual, with her feelings, opinions, and views. Don’t criticize or criticize too harshly, but try to understand and accept your daughter’s opinion. Being understanding and patient can strengthen your relationship and create a safe and supportive environment.