In Japan A Golden Mikey Statue Is Being Worshipped!

In today’s news of bizarre yet wonderfully anime facts- we have another fantastic one- In Japan, A Golden Mikey statue is being worshipped!

Tokyo Revengers was one of the greatest anime last year. People fell in love with the complex time-travelling story. The global impact was quite deep too. But, the fact of Mikey being worshipped hit us harder. In fact, some people already worship Mikey as their favourite character, but this is something to look deeper into.

In Japan A Golden Mikey Statue Is Being Worshipped!

No one can deny the success of the anime. It won millions of hearts. To commemorate the success of the franchise a Tokyo Revengers Exhibition is being held in Japan.

During the exhibition, the makers of the series revealed a big golden statue of Sano Manjiro aka ‘Mikey’ who is erected in a reclining position. At the time of the event, a prayer ceremony was also held in front of the Mikey statue to pray for the success and safety of the event.

The giant golden statue was erected in a reclining position similar to Lord Buddha. A prayer ceremony was also held at the time of the event in front of the Mikey statue to pray for the success and safety of the event. But why they made Mikey Statue look similar to the Buddha statue?

A lot of people have a kind of negative reaction to this as well. There are many signs of Hindu mythology in Tokyo Revengers and there are many Reddit posts to prove it. The Toman gangs’ link to Buddhism can also be seen throughout the anime series, including their meeting place being a local religious shrine. There are chances that the Mikey golden statue was built keeping in mind the ‘Swastika’ sign of Tokyo Manji Gang.

Anime statues are quite common in Japan. We have seen One Piece statues before, but none of them has been worshipped.

This is all we have on the latest developments in the anime world. How are you reacting to this news? How do you see Mikey? let us know everything in the comment section? Are you happy? Or, should they not view Mikey in the same aspect as that of Buddha?

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