IPhone 7 Rumours Round Up , Here are some of Expected Specs


Iphone 7 Rumored Specs



Iphone 7 Status: Rumored.

Iphone 7 Launch: Approximately in September 2016.

Iphone 7 Expected Price: Rs.70,000 or $ 900 or Euros 750.

We have collected together all the latest news and rumours surrounding the Iphone 7 into one place.

Apple will add all the latest techs like the Apple A10 processor, better GPU, Better Cameras and Some of all New Features and purely improved design. And waiting for it would be worth the while!

Iphone 7, 5 Expected Features :

1. Removal of the Audio Jack in Iphone 7.


The all new Iphone would be slimmer than the previous generations of Iphone that’s for sure. Removal of the jack is the biggest rumor till now.

Yes, the new Iphone can be slimmer as the news of removal of the headphone jack maybe true, which would result in a slimmer phone. It would be better and easier to handle the new phone Apple will introduce alternate methods like the wireless earphones or the Lightning Type Audio jack which would be same as the charging port.




Image Source: www.moviepilot.com

2. The All New Improved Camera.


Iphone 7 may be featuring the best Dual camera ever with the perfect life like images.


Iphone 7 dual cameras

Image Source: www.cultofmac.com


 Or the latest leaks suggest that the new Iphone would be featuring a Wider camera lens andmore powerful Sensor as shown below in this picture which would help in reducing noise as well as high aperture clearer photos.



Image Source: www.apparata.nl

This Design seems to be of new refreshed kind with white upper and lower edges of the Iphone which is currently rumored on social media.

Lines across the back have been removed as the Antennas might be shifted towards the corners.


3. Iphone 7 Display Screen


Yeah, the all new IPhone may feature a full display screen with no Bezels on upper and lower parts of the phone’s screen and curved Corners. As shown in the picture. With full size display screen it may be the first of its kind.


Image Source: uk.businessinsider.com


4. Disappearance of physical Home Button on the Iphone


As recently in the rumors we heard Apple may drop the presence of the physical home button on the new IPhone and to introduce new alternates to it to provide innovation. And also rumors state that the starting will be from 32 GB phones instead of 16GB.


Image Source: www.forbes.com



5. Iphone 7 , Some More of Expected Specs


256 GB variant can also release, containing SanDisk NANDFLASH memory, upgraded IOS would be more immersive and will increase the battery life and performance, OLED type of Displays can be expected.









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