The score someone has on this test is a very popular topic these days. There are some clear signs of how accurate it can be. For example, kids with better results are having improved abilities to learn.

On the other side, there are other factors that can affect the potential of a person to graduate from a good university, get a good job, start their own business, create something innovative, and more. If you want to check the average scores in different countries, visit

We also have to mention that there is a common misconception where people assume that the score is the key factor when it comes to someone’s success in different fields. Here are some important things to know about its accuracy of it.


Main Features


The most common version of this test is focused on someone’s ability to find a connection between different symbols, solve some tricks with numbers, and show that he can remember some basic things in life. Also, the time needed to complete it may affect the score. There are different versions of it, and the two most common options are for adults and kids.

While a lot of people will choose to complete the test only for entertainment, it can be used in advanced processes like learning more about someone’s potential and evaluating an applicant who is applying for a job. There are special models used in the military. The main role is to find out how good someone can be in different situations that require a quick response, good memory, ability to find solutions in a shorter time, and more.

There are some categories where people are divided according to the results. For example, it can help those who are having certain mental struggles so that the experts can determine the right approach. It is considered a disability when the score is lower than 70.

Also, it can be helpful in the education of children. For example, when someone has a score of under 100, that person will be able to get the common education in the right way. However, there could be some issues with the pace of the lecture since that kid might need more time to understand some of them. The great thing is that when the teacher is aware of that, he can spend more time or choose a better approach for that kid.

On the other side, it can be easily seen when a kid is showing signs of higher intelligence. An example of that is when there are no struggles with lectures, and the expression of advanced knowledge when compared to most other kids of the same age.

There Are Different Types of Intelligence


It is very important to be aware that there are some limitations related to the currently most popular versions of this test. Even though someone is showing great results and abilities to solve complex tasks presented in it, there could be some other challenges that could prevent that person from achieving their full potential, like certain mental struggles, issues in communication abilities, and more.

There is also an emotional intelligence that has the same importance as the technical one. That is related to abilities to communicate with people, be more honest with you and the people around you, and to be more realistic. It is not a rare case that the lack of emotional intelligence will have a negative effect on a person no matter how high the standard intelligence is.

Is It Accurate?

The simple answer is that it is quite accurate. However, you have to understand that this is a very complex topic with many other factors that can affect someone’s abilities in life. There is a social factors, education, health, economic situation, and more.

Therefore, even if someone has an outstanding rate that does not essentially mean that such person will achieve amazing results in life. There are many examples where people with average scores manage to achieve more in some fields. That could be related to the ability to find motivation and focus on some things.

The approach to those with a higher rate has to be different from an early age. Also, It could be a mistake when you have much bigger expectations from your kid, or if you are forcing some things only because of the results of the test. The pressure can cause many problems and the kid might even lose motivation to learn new things. Also, the problem is when they think that they don’t have to put the same effort into learning.

Moreover, there are some other things that can affect the score and its accuracy. For example, if you didn’t have enough sleep when you are nervous, or in a rush, you can expect lower results. Therefore, the best way to get the right results would be to have a good rest before you try it.

Another important thing that we have to mention is that the internet is full of various tests. Keep in mind that not all of them are accurate. Also, stay away from those models where you can get a quick test and then have to pay for results. There are official sites and places where you can get the accurate version. They are upgrading the tests all the time.


Last Words

The most important thing to know is that even though they can show the rate and potential of some person that is still not the key factor that can affect your ability to become good in some field.

If your kid is showing excellent results on these tests, keep in mind to set a new approach where you will manage to explain to him that putting effort is still very importin, along with some other skills that are related to emotional intelligence, like hanging out with friends, working on improved communication skills, and more.

In the end, you should keep in mind even if you are not satisfied with your score, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to achieve your goals.