The story of Kaiju #8, also known as Monster #8 is entertaining and well-written. With comic twists, it offers a clear and well-paced storyline. Overall, a fantastic manga for anyone who enjoys a protagonist with special skills. Kaiju #8 Chapter 53 is coming out this week after a week’s break. But don’t worry here is everything on Monster #8 Chapter 53.

read this article till the end to know everything that is to know about Monster #8 Chapter 53.

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Kaiju #8 Chapter 53:

Release Date:

Kaiju #8 Chapter 53 is coming out on 23rd December 2024. This is a weekly manga. So fans can expect a new chapter every Thursday. If there will be any changes, we will update this article so that you never miss any chapter of Kaiju #8. Get Excited just 3-4 days more before manga comes out.

Where to Read:

Here are the official links from where you can read Kaiju #8 Chapter 53 :


Manga Plus.

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Kaiju #8 Chapter 53: Spoilers

Usually, the Raw Scans and spoilers come prior to 2-3 days before the release. All we can do now is speculate based on the previous chapter. As soon as any spoilers surface we will bring that for you. So, keep this article bookmarked to save yourself some time.

Monster #8 Chapter 52: Recap

The chapter starts with a small flashback between Director-General and Captain Narumi.

Isao Shinomiya was standing on top of Kaiju No. 9’s corpse when Gen Narumi and Kafka Hibino arrived. The fact that the Director-General had survived the Kaiju onslaught reassured Kafka. He soon realizes, that something is wrong and warns Narumi.

Monster #8 Chapter 53

Kaiju #9 appears and reveals that he killed Isao and fused with him. Seeing this Kikoru attacks the beast denying the facts and calling him a liar. Narumi attacks him and takes an oath to Isao that he will personally take care of this monster.

But Kaiju #9 out of nowhere says that he is leaving, as the fusion has after-effects.  Narumi and Kaiju #8 attack at the same time. To stop Kaiju #9 from getting away.

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