Life is So Good! – A Poem by Navya


Life is so Good !

Life becomes good when there are awesome friends on your side! Life can be interpreted good when there is positivity all along , there is happiness,there is someone who constantly helps you and is with you even in your darkest times unconditionally! .

In Life there are ups and downs , but the one who face them bravely , always remain optimist , has keep on learning attitude are the ones who become successful .

Helping others without any condition should be the sole purpose of your life , and I am sure that you will never need to strive for success , you would be of great value to the world instead ! Success will automatically reach you when you are on the right path with right people.

Life is too short to be sad – make good memories, enjoy life , make friends , after-all when you have some awesome ones on your side believe me nothing can go wrong !


Life is so good 🙂


Life is very small, so let your smile bring the sunshine and remove the pall.Live every moment and make the most of it.

Expect less, but never forget your wish list.


Dance like no one is watching you. Stay motivated and motivate others too. Make friends who stand by you always,

whether you are dealing with good or bad days.


Do not hide your tears, conquer your fears. Be honest to everybody.

Have a helping hand for the needy.


Make your parents proud, become that special among the crowd. Never get disheartened and keep giving your best,

have that much enthusiasm and zest.


Remember the beginnings are always toughest, but these only take you to the farthest.Keep spreading love and happiness,

then nobody can stop you from achieving success.


The above poem was from a brilliant author Navya Malik. 🙂

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