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The live casino experience is like stepping into a unique realm, where players engage in various gambling games under the guidance of an actual dealer. Moreover, this live casino platform organizes thrilling video poker tournaments, spins the roulette wheel, and offers the exhilarating game of blackjack.


Why live casino is incredibly popular for players

Red Dog Online Casino

Live casinos used to have a slight disadvantage due to the absence of a vibrant gaming ambiance. However, this drawback swiftly dissipated once authentic dealers made their entrance onto the casino scene. The resulting experience is tantamount to that of partaking in games at a physical casino establishment.

Engaging in Live casino games with an actual dealer lends itself to an array of divergences from a standard gameplay encounter. Red Dog live online casino presents an opportunity to enjoy this immersive experience from the cozy confines of your own abode.

Throughout the entirety of the game, a genuine human connection will prevail, ensuring constant personal engagement with an authentic dealer who will meticulously shuffle the cards in real time.

Live casino games

Live mode offers different versions of well-known games for you to enjoy.

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker.

Live casino operators frequently broaden the range of game options, ultimately developing an alternative.

Roulette to play in live mode

Roulette to play in live mode

Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette stole the limelight as a fan-favorite gaming platform. Its creators, recognizing its potential, elevated the game’s experience through clever technological enhancements. Consequently, in 2014, it garnered the esteemed title of Game of the Year.

Live roulette has various alternate versions that might not involve an actual dealer, yet still maintain a fast-paced gameplay. The perk of engaging in such games lies in the added value of special symbols, which can be utilized across a range of platforms like traditional slots, reputable online casinos, contemporary-styled roulette, and many others.

Live blackjack

Live blackjack

Other captivating variations like Blackjack Switch, Surrender, and Pontoon are available, although these cannot be enjoyed online as they require real dealers. Furthermore, this particular casino extends wagers that facilitate third-party participation. The stakes set for this game surpass those of the standard version significantly. The grand prize carries an astonishing coefficient of up to 10,000 coins.

Baccarat with live dealers

Out of all the various games available, roulette and blackjack consistently emerge as the top favorites, enjoying higher popularity levels. Interestingly, despite their immense popularity, the total number of tables dedicated to these two games is comparatively limited. Nonetheless, when it comes to online gambling, the only game option available is Punto Banco.

Certain gambling establishments provide players with the opportunity to place additional wagers, particularly pertaining to pairs, as well as major and minor playing cards. The minimum stake for such bets stands at 1 coin. However, there are live casino dealers who purposely raise the stakes, requiring a minimum bet of 10 coins. For those inclined towards risk-taking, more intriguing betting options are made available, boasting amounts that reach a whopping 10,000 coins.

Three-card poker


Introduced in 1994, three-card poker emerged as an innovative addition to the realm of card games. If one wishes to engage in its exhilarating dynamics live, the vibrant Red Dog casino is the destination. Setting itself apart from traditional poker formats using a standard deck of five cards, this variant limits the game to a captivating trio. Intriguingly, no shared cards are in play as three carefully selected cards from the player confront three ingenious combinations orchestrated by the dealer.

Sic-bo is a dice game

In the wide array of games available, the quantity of this particular game remains limited. Among the limited selection are dice-based games, particularly those featuring live dealers. Presently, only one such game is accessible – Sic bo. To participate, one must possess three dice alongside a designated board designed explicitly for their use. In the realm of live casinos, two common wagers emerge as favorites – small and large bets.

Gamblers have the choice to place their bets on a combined sum of three dice or opt for either the smaller or bigger bet alone. Additionally, they can also place bets on the specific outcome of the dice roll.

When the game is engaged with human hosts, a trio of dice will rest beneath the principal glass enclosure. Upon the activation of a specific button, the dice will undergo a haphazard blending. Shortly thereafter, the dice will come to a halt, resulting in the dispersion of any winning combinations to the fortunate player. This gaming experience, occurring in real-time, is readily accessible to members of the esteemed Red Dog gaming club.

Tips for playing in a live casino

Tips for playing in a live casino

We know how offering live casino rooms can be a lot of fun, forcing the player to end up making some decisions without thinking and leading them to make mistakes. In addition, there are several ways to optimize the player’s time and even money in this process, so we highlight a few tips that may seem simple but powerful in this live casino journey, follow below.

Choose a safe and trustworthy online casino

The first and most important step every player should take is to choose a platform that can offer its users confidence and security. Many players get carried away by the large number of bonuses and games offered and forget to check other data that is much more important on a platform of this type.

This does not require a complicated and time-consuming process, a player only needs to know three basic requirements that can indicate the safety and reliability of an online casino platform, namely:


The license is a digital document that can attest to the quality and reliability of the platform. It must be issued by an official regulatory body such as the MGA, must be active, and its number must be visible for review.

Data security

Data security

An online casino should have basic data encryption tools to prevent data fraud on its website, these are HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate.


It is also important that the online casino has a good reputation with users who have already used its platform, a survey to get feedback from these users can answer this question, always filtering the information.

In addition to having fun, every player wants to get good winnings in live casino games and in order to make this happen with higher chances of winning, planning is necessary. A betting plan is the first step in this planning and it is very easy to construct, and it is also vital for the player to be able to control his winnings while travelling.

On a piece of paper the player should identify some important points that will serve as a north in his journey, such as the total value of his investment, his earning goal, the dates of reaching these goals and the limits of losses, this way he will be able to make better decisions during the match, always consulting your betting plan.

Check the suppliers

Quality and reliable live casino rooms are offered by reputable gambling providers, the more reputable the provider, the better the quality of the live casino room and the higher the player’s trust, knowing that the game has been designed and released to be completely random and unbiased.