As an anime watcher, isekai has been a major part who helped us in fantasizing about the greatest and magical things and beings around us and there is no doubt about it. It seems like Isekai opens up another portal of creativity and it urges us to live one more life and this is what exactly happened in Mushoku Tensei. Mushoku Tensei is one of the best ongoing light novel and manga series. Recently, the franchise has aired the 77th chapter of the series. And in this post, we are going to be talking about Mushoku Tensei chapter 78. We will be discussing the official release date and where you can read Jobless Reincarnation chapter 78. So, without further delay, let’s get started:-


Mushoku Tensei Chapter 78

So, the previous chapter of the series featured that our protagonist Rudeus Greyrat proposed Sylphy to marry him. Seeing his character, we are aware that this could be his biggest decision. Jobless Reincarnation 78 will be keeping up the story from here and it might reveal the further events that may be led by the marriage proposal.

What is the release date of Mushoku Tensei 78?

According to our sources, chapter 78 is going to be on a break or a delay. So, we can expect that Jobless Reincarnation 78 aka Mushoku Tensei chapter 78 will be released by 16th January 2024.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 78

When will the spoilers of Mushoku Tensei 78 released?

The raw scans and leaks will be available 2-3 days before the release of the chapter. So, we can expect that the spoilers will be released by 13th January 2024. Spoilers and more info relating to the show will be updated in this article as and when they will be made available through official pages.

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Where to read/ Watch: Mushoku Tensei Manga chapter 78

If you want to watch or read Mushoku Tensei chapter 78, here are the links to the official sites:

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Mushoku Tensei: About

A 34-year-old NEET is reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat, a newborn child, after being killed trying to save a stranger from a traffic mishap. Rudeus resolves to live a fulfilling life and not repeat his earlier mistakes. He also remembers all the information, experience, and regrets from his previous life.

Rudeus is hailed as a genius in the making by his new parents, who have a vast amount of magical power as well as the intelligence of an adult. Now, he’s training under powerful warriors like his swordsman father and a wizard named Roxy Migurdia, all in the hopes of enhancing his natural abilities.

Despite his innocent appearance, Rudeus is still a perverted otaku. He utilizes his vast knowledge to approach women he could never approach in his prior existence.