My Hero Academia Chapter 308, Release Date and Spoilers
My Hero Academia Chapter 308, Release Date and Spoilers

“Deku” a quirk-less boy who born in the era of powerful superheroes where literally every living person has some type of quirk(superpower). An action, adventure superhero manga series written by “Kohei Horikoshi”. MHA manga serialized every week in weekly Shonen jump. In this article, we will talk about the My Hero Academia chapter 308 release date and spoilers.

My Hero Acdemia
My Hero Academia

The plot of the manga is revolved around the main character Izuku Midoriya who wants to be the world no. 1 superhero like his idol “All Might”. unfortunately, he does not have any quirk. he born quirk less but later he received the One for all from All Might. when “All Might” got retired. And then he joined the UA. A school where the world’s best superhero trained by the best superhero teachers.


Overview of the previous chapter

We will talk about My Hero Academia Chapter 308 after a moment but first, let’s take an overview of the previous chapter.

Press reporter asks Endeavor, Hawk, and Beast in a press conference that is civilians are safe in the hands of heroes. Or humanity is coming to an end by those villains. While having the press conference one of the reporters asked about” One For All”. What is One For All? Are Deku and All Might are safe?

Endeavor replied that he did not know anything about the One For All but he can guarantee that as a hero he will protect Deku and All Might as his first priority.

After some time Izuku’s classmates received a letter from Deku. In this letter, Deku mentioned One For All and reveal the truth behind the One For All. And also told that All for One and Tomura are targetting him. After a few months later Deku spotted on the top of a building with a different costume.

On the other side, third-year Hero Turtle Neck and Yo Shindo try to evacuate some civilians groups from the city. Because a villain name Jailbreaker is destroying everything in his way. They find out that the civilians are hiding at the Taguguchi building so they tried to convince them to evacuate. But civilians decline they said that they will help Shindo to beat muscular. Unfortunately, one of the boys among civilians got smashed and dies in the building. And Shindo attacks Muscular blindly.

Later the Jailbreakers knew as Muscular clash with Turtle Neck and Shindo. And at an instance when Muscular was going to kill Shindo he hit by a kick and sent flying. He got hit the top of the roof of a nearby house and everyone got surprised who kicked him so strongly. And it was the Deku who sent him flying.

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My Hero Academia chapter 308

In the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 308, there will be clash huge clash between Muscular and Deku. This chapter will become one of the chapters which concentrate on Deku’s big fight. It will be going to a total action-packed chapter with some great action scenes and   Well, there’s no official spoiler leaked related to chapter 308. But as a recap of the previous chapter, we can look forward to Deku and Muscular fight.

Release Date of My Hero Academia Chapter 308

My Hero Academia chapter 308 is going to published on April 4, 2024, in the weekly Shonen Jump. This manga released a new chapter every week in the Shonen Jump. You can read chapter 308 on VIZ rather than visiting some unofficial sites. You can also read some other mange series too on VIZ.

Releasing time of My Hero Academia Chapter 308

My Hero Academia chapter 308 is going to release in Shonen Jump at the 12 AM standard time of Japan.