My Hero Academia: The world heroes mission
My Hero Academia: The world heroes mission

We have super crazy news for the lover of My Hero Academia anime. The official account Of MHA on Twitter announced that soon there will be a third movie named “My Hero Academia: The World Heroes mission” this year. In this article, we will discuss on third movie of MHA the world heroes mission, the release date of the movie, and the spoiler we have for the movie.

Kohei Horikoshi’s anime series MHA is now on its fifth season, and also the first episode of this season is already aired. Fans all around the globe were not even able to finish their excitement on launching season 5 of MHA and they served them with a desert in the form of the third movie of MHA. They revealed a confirmation that there will be a Third movie. . They also released the first look of the movie in a promo trailer.


About the trailer video

In the trailer of My Hero Academia, there’s a reporter, who announced that a UA hero named Deku is a terrorist. The news headline shown on the channel was that “IZUKU MIDORIYA AKA JAPANESE HERO ‘DEKU’ WANTED FOR MASS MURDER”. We did not get any hint about why Deku is charged with murdering others. Maybe the creator wants to give some little changes to our innocent powerful protagonist or it may be some flex or misunderstanding. Yeah, we know there are lot more questions for this 2 minutes trailer.

In the other shot of the video, we have seen Deku is standing in the middle with his two classmates. On the left Bakugo and on the right Todorki is standing. We also have noticed that the costumes of our heroes are also changed in the movie.

My Hero Academia: The world heroes mission
My Hero Academia: The world heroes mission

Well, we don’t have any factual leaked spoilers about the movie but it does not mean that we are not excited about this movie. The Hype of this movie will probably gonna break the record.

Overview of the Movie 3 MHA the world heroes mission

The storyline of this movie ”My Hero Academia: The world heroes mission” revolves around an unknown and unidentified group known as “Humarize”. They believe in the theory of “Quick Singularity Doomsday Theory”. Humarize believes that in the future all the quirk will be mixed in the future generation which will bring an end to humanity. They also believe that quirk is a curse to humanity and wants to eliminate all the quirk possessed human alive.

In order to do so, they have planted a special type of bomb called “Idea Trigger Bomb” that will force all the quirk around it to go ballistic and cause massive destruction without being controlled by the user.

To protect the world from the threat of this massive destruction, pro-heroes ask the U.A. academy to give them some top under the trained hero of their academy to assist them.

Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are training under the Endeavor agency. These all three called to go on a mission in a nation located far away known as Oseon. But due to that news headlines, Deku faces difficulties on the mission. His name now comes under the list of the most wanted men in the world.

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Release date of MHA movie The World Heroes Mission

The release date of the third movie “My Hero Academia: The World Heroes Mission” is set to be 6 August 2024 in Japan. It will be a huge blockbuster as the first two films of MHA was already became a huge success.

Last two movies of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia already got a huge success for their last two movies. The very first movie name of MHA “Two Heroes” was released in July 2018 in Japan. And the second film of MHA “Heroes rising” was released in December 2019 in Japan. The Heroes rising movie was a blockbuster and it ranked no. 1 at the united box when it opened on February 26.

You can watch all the seasons of MHA on Netflix. It is an official platform to watch MHA with nest quality.

A little overview of My Hero Academia 

My Hero Academia was written by “Kohei Horikoshi”. It is a superhero anime series with an action and adventure genre. The first we have seen our main character Deku in the manga of this series. Then later we have the anime adaptation of MHA. The first chapter of MHA serialized in Shenon Jump’s weekly magazine in July 2914.

The anime adaptation of this series done by Bone. The first season aired in Japan from April to June in 2016. The second season aired from April to September in 2017. The third season of MHA aired in Japan from April to September 2018. The fourth season aired from October 2019 to April 2020. And we also have an MHA season 5 episode on going with 1 episode in running.

The plot of the story centered around our main protagonist Izuku Midoriya. He is a quirk-less boy in the world where everyone has some special type of quirk. A quirk is a special ability that grants a human some special power. Izuku Midoriya wants to be the world no. 1 hero like is his ideal All Might. All Might is the world’s no. 1 hero. To born quirk-less and wants to become the world’s greatest hero isn’t going to be easy.

Izuku Midoriya aka Deku got his power from All Might. When All Might got retired, he transfers his quirk “One For All” to Deku as he found him the successor of his power after knowing his potential and determination. Later, Deku joined the U.A high school academy who trained all the upcoming superheroes.

Izuku Midoriya also has a rival named Bakugo who also wants to be the greatest hero in the world. He also used to bully Deku in his childhood. And Bakugo also considers All Might as his ideal. Only Bakugo knows about the secret of Deku’s quirk that he got his quirk from All Might. But he never reveals it in front of someone.