Once again One Piece is trending everywhere from Twitter to Reddit. And the reason is One Piece Chapter 1043 spoilers. Yes, The very first leaks for One Piece chapter 1043 have been made available online. The spoilers hint at who will win the climactic combat on the roof between Kaidou and Luffy.

So let’s discuss what are these spoilers. The post will give you everything from Release Date to spoilers to where you can watch. So without any more delay, let’s just dive right into the world of One Piece.

Moving forward this post will contain major spoilers for One Piece chapter 1043. If you do not want to read them please be careful. And move straight to sections like Release Date and Where to watch. Apart from this, we will include the raw scans, spoilers, and leaks for One Piece Chapter 1043. So read till the end and have a good read.

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One Piece Chapter 1043:


The title of One Piece Chapter 1043 is likely to be “We Will All Die Together,” according to the spoilers posted on Twitter.

The chapter will show Oden arriving at Whole Cake Island on the cover, according to the social media post. The narrator begins the chapter by declaring Kaidou the winner of the duel against Luffy. CP0 Agent is trampled, and while he is not shown to have died directly, a ‘farewell scene’ implies that he has.

Kawamatsu advises the samurai to go while they still have a chance, claiming that if they burn to death, they will have no honor. When Kaidou enters the castle, he declares that Luffy has died. Asking  Momonosuke to give up. Nami considers Kaidou a snake and a liar, and Kaidou lashes out by attacking Nami, but Marco blocks him.

“Let’s die together!” Yamato declares as he joins Kid, Law, Neko, Marco, Nami, and Carrot in fighting Kaidou. Switch to Zunesha, who is panicking to Momonosuke because he hears “drums of liberation, there is no question, he is here… Joyboy!”

Back to Luffy, who is sinking into the ground with his body and straw hat. The SFX bubble next to Luffy, according to the post, says ‘Nika’ instead of the normal ‘Niko’ for smiling. This “strongly validates the Luffy/Nika/sun/dawn parallelism” and suggests Luffy is holding a powerful card.

One Piece Chapter 1042: 

Residents of the Flower Capital city are assembling the sky boats while writing their dreams on them. Completely oblivious to the ferocious fight raging above them. Luffy attacks Kaido with a series of punches, which the latter counters with his Bagua. Luffy, who has the upper hand in the fight for the time being, bends Kaido’s defense. Monkey D is a fearsome creature. While Kaido yells at Luffy, he continues to strike him.


In an attempt to end the combat. The Captain of the Straw Hat pirates hurries to land another assault, but he runs out of haki. The Yonko launches a Thunder Bellow Bagua assault as he approaches Kaido. Knocking Luffy to the ground. Despite his lack of stamina and haki, the Mugiwara kid fights the emperor. Kaido transforms into a ‘Bloodthirsty drunk’ and swings his bagwa strike, squashing Luffy. The question of whether or not Luffy has been beaten will be answered in the next chapter.

Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 1043 will be released on 13th March 2024. According to the official sources. And as we all know One Piece is a weekly anime, releasing every Sunday. If there’s a change in the dates this article will be updated accordingly. This will also be a crucial chapter since fans are waiting for what is going to happen to Luffy?

Here are the official Dates and Times for the episodes release:

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM PST
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM EST
  • British Time: 3 PM GMT
  • European Time: 4 PM CEST
  • India Time: 8.30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM PHT
  • Australia Time: 1.30 AM ACDT (March 14)

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1043?

Here are the official links to the sites where you can read the latest episodes of One Piece:

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