One Piece Chapter 976

The One Piece Chapter 976 will reveal the Onigashima War start, major spoilers, the release date of the latest chapter 976. The chapter will release on April 5th, 2020. There will be no chapter in the last week of March.

The Last One Piece Chapter 975 revealed many new things, Denjiro turned out to be an ultimate savior by blocking all the plots of Orochi and traitor Kanjuro. The Onigashima war raid is about to begin, many soldiers have gathered on the allied side but it is now War between the best 3 Worst Generation alliance vs the 2 biggest emperors of the sea alliance. Who will win this ultimate battle?



Oda commented on the global epidemic of Coronavirus and hopes that everyone will be safe. (Author’s comment from Jump issue)

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One Piece Latest Chapter 976 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

No spoilers of Chapter 976 have released yet, but they will release by April 2nd. Fan translations, raw scan leaks, etc. might arrive at that time, therefore, bookmark this page to stay updated.

In conclusion, stay tuned we will update this article thread as soon as any new information releases!

Predictions or Speculations for upcoming One Piece Chapters

The things mentioned below might probably happen in the manga in the upcoming chapters.

  • Division commanders of the emperors vs our allied forces (3 Worst gen)
  • Gathering up of soldiers and weapons to raid Onigashima palace of Kaido.
  • Big mom pirates playing a major role in this war.
  • Luffy, Law, Kid fighting with their full power in Wano.
  • Maybe Marines, Blackbeard, Garp might enter the scene later.
  • All Samurai scabbards will play a major role in the war, to take Wano back and avenge Kozuki Oden.
  • It is still unclear how Luffy and alliance will beat the 2 strongest emperors of the sea.

One Piece Chapter 975 Quick Recap

The last chapter featured Kyoshiro revealing his identity to the other scabbard and showing his loyalty to them. He even cleared all the obstacles created by traitor Kanjuro and Orochi. Now the allied forces have a clear way to approach the Onigashima and end the reign of the wrongdoers. Kinemon really turned out to be more intelligent than we thought.

It took a bit of time and effort to fix the Sunny, but Luffy and co. come rushing in.

Luffy, Law, and Kid go ham and chaos ensue. In the midst of all this chaos, Kyoshiro appears and reveals that he is Denjiro. By gaining the trust of his underlings and Orochi, he’s come as aid together with the samurai that have been released from jail. Upcoming One piece chapter will be more interesting.

Also, the military forces that were thought to have sunk are all safe and it seems only the ships that were not needed were destroyed. The reason for this was because Denjiro thought that Kinemon purposely misread Yasu’s picture puzzle as he (Kinemon) guessed that there was spy/informant amongst them, but it seems Kinemon was simply just mistaken.

One Piece Confirmed as Top-Selling Manga of 2019

One Piece confirmed to be the best top-selling manga for 2019. Coming in the surprising second spot was the Koyoharu Gotoge’s- ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.’

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