Poems from Different Experiences in Life



People of all ages should give a serious consideration to the idea of writing, as it is sure to give them peace of mind throughout all their remaining years of life.
The best part about writing is that no one else will read what you have written. Your emotions, your fantasies, your ideas in written can’t be stolen or forgotten and will stay preserved for life.

Have a look at the following short but cute poems written by an ordinary girl. So you might relate!

1.Because your mother deserves a hug!

Things may go wrong but you are always right.
It may be my feelings which I think from inside.

I think it because you are my mother,
when your tears come I am really bothered.

I wonder why is it happening?
Is my mother sad about something

If so, why is she not sharing with anybody,
or to listen to her feelings there is nobody!

But don’t you worry my dear mother,
to listen you there is always your daughter.

2.     School Days!

School life is full of friends,
when someone is wrong the other mends.

Together we play and run,
whether there is rain or sun.

Sometimes we even fight,
but without friends nothing goes all right.

I love my friends a lot,
they are the best gift I ever got.

3.    The grown up child

I want to travel, I want to explore.
I want to make new friends but not forget old.

Twelve years high time! the childhood is ruined
but please don’t make me adult so soon.

I might sound confusing but I desperately need a middle way,
where for a half ticket I can travel all alone for a day.

This time I need not strive and push myself for the things I never desired for.
All I need to do is to impress my own self with the work I am made for.

Life ahead might not be so simple as I am thinking,
but at least it would be different and reveal my actual up bringing.

I am waiting for the real me to come out of the bars.
Wanting to face the world with elegance and dignity, leaving no scars.

Finally those twelve years will get a deserving stage to perform,
some people will win and some will reform.

4.   Adulthood

Leaving behind the stigma and failures,
I am running towards my goal.
No sounds of negativity and no-one to console.

The rules & regulations are still a part of my life,
the teachings have become permanent.
No more instructions please! I have become independent.

It’s about the feeling of becoming an adult,
exploring the world all alone.
People might stop you, because they are overgrown.

Never stop loving yourself,
have belief and think wider.
Showcase what you are inherited with, you talent is your fighter.

I hope you all enjoyed reading these poems. For more have a look at her Facebook page- Navya Malik @powerfulpoems or check out the blog- navya02blog at www.wordpress.com

with lots of Love