Post BREXIT Situation In Britain and its impact


       Post BREXIT Situation

Ever since the June 23 Referendum for BREXIT polls in Britain,things are not looking well.Xenophobic attacks against immigrants especially of Polish origin are on the rise after the Post BREXIT Situation.

While politically the Labour Party is facing a crisis of its own with party members blaming corbyn’s leadership that failed to win the remain campaign due to his lacklustre campaigning for Remain.

With James Cameron leaving in October,its an open contest between the tories for the Prime Minister chair. Meanwhile Scotland just announced it may hold a second referendum to decide its own future in the UK.It seems that the UK is now facing multiple problems on almost every front after the BREXIT result.

The British Pound has taken a massive downfall and is now at its lowest in 32 years.The BREXIT vote has also wiped out $2 trillion from the world economy.

However the FTSE rallied up today yesterday and was up by over 3.6% as fear begins to abate.

The US stock markets also rose for a second day suggesting that the panic surrounding the result has dried down.However the UK still hasn’t invoked Article 50 and there is still no confirmation whether it will be invoked this year or next year.

While EU parliamentarians have been disappointed by the vote,European countries may stand to gain from this as many companies may move out of London to other countries such as France,Germany and Ireland.

BREXIT has also triggered nationalists movements in other countries like France to leave the European Union.

Many politicians are also concerned by the rise in racist attacks against immigrants and its estimated that there was a rise of 57% in racist attacks against immigrants after the referendum results were announced.While the leader of the leave side,Boris Johnson has refused to comment on this issue.

Conclusion of the BREXIT Situation :

In conclusion its difficult to predict Britain’s future just yet but what can be said for sure is that for the short time,Britain faces an uncertain future filled with opportunities and threats of its own. And this was the post BREXIT Situation.

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