As a recently graduated veterinarian, you may face some challenges, but you can overcome them with the right tools and strategies. You may decide to open your own practice or get employed in a vet clinic. Whichever path you choose, you need disability insurance for recently graduated veterinarians to manage your finances properly. Here are some problems you can expect in your career and how to solve them:


Job Search

Recently graduated veterinarians may have trouble securing employment right away. You can work with an educational consultant to help you with resume writing and interviewing tips. This professional can also offer advice about starting your practice and working as a veterinarian.

Injuries and Accidents


Working with animals can be risky, especially when dealing with aggressive or frightened animals. You can suffer kicks, bites, and scratches that can hinder you from working for a certain period of time. As a vet, you can also sustain injuries from lifting or handling heavy animals.

The injuries can range from severe wounds to muscle strain and joint pain. Accidents can also occur in or out of your work environment, leaving you disabled. Having disability insurance may help provide you with peace of mind knowing you are covered from injuries on the job.



Your work environment can expose you to diseases that spread from animals to humans. You can also develop allergies to animals, which can lead to respiratory issues. It is also possible for veterinarians to develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety due to the demands of their job.

Constant exposure to disinfectants, hazardous chemicals, and anesthetics can pose health risks. Dust and debris within your workplace can lead to ear and eye infections. These illnesses need costly medical attention and time away from work to recover. Make sure to use safe cleaning procedures for all medical devices and tools. Wear the proper protective clothing to help reduce the risk of health issues.

Financial Burdens


Newly-graduated veterinarians may face financial burdens in their early careers, such as student loan debt. If you decide to start your own practice, the costs of purchasing equipment and supplies can be high. Launching a veterinary clinic also requires you to pay staff and rent, causing more financial strain.

You can also face continuing education scholarship expenses required to maintain your licensure. Learn to budget and properly manage your finances to help alleviate any financial burdens.

Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is a form of insurance that offers financial protection to veterinarians when they are unable to work due to an injury or illness. You can get disability insurance for recently graduated veterinarians for a short- or long–term period. Long-term disability insurance provides benefits for many years or until your retirement.

The amount of disability insurance to purchase as a vet depends on the coverage you need. If you’re the breadwinner in your family, taking sufficient coverage can be beneficial to cover living expenses in the event of a disability. Your income can also determine how much disability insurance you purchase. Purchase enough coverage to replace a substantial part of your pre-disability income to help sustain your quality of life.

As a veterinarian, you can’t control unexpected injuries at your workplace, but you can mitigate the risks by taking adequate coverage. If you treat large animals that can strain your body or aggressive animals that can cause injuries, choose sufficient disability insurance. An insurance solutions company can assess risks in your work environment and tailor the policy to suit your case.

When buying disability insurance, factor in the bills you would need to pay in the event of a disability. These expenses can include utilities, food, rent, credit card debt, student loan, and transportation. Consider financial obligations in the future, such as tuition fees for your children, in case you have a disability for an extended period of time or permanently.

Get Disability Insurance for Recently Graduated Veterinarians

These are just a few of the challenges recently graduated veterinarians may face. Purchase disability insurance for financial protection throughout your veterinary career. You can work with an insurance solutions company that can offer discounted or customized coverage. These experts can also help you get sufficient insurance depending on your specialty as a vet.