SaSakamoto Days Chapter 58

Sakamoto days has yet again proved to us that it is impossible to know what’s going to happen in the next chapter. We all were shocked when we saw Nagumo around those dead bodies. And when he stabbed Shin, fans completely lost it. But in the end, it was all an act and Nagumo had come there for an investigation. But after a proper conversation, it was told that Sakamoto is in grave danger and must be on guard at all cost. This article will update you on Sakamoto Days Chapter 16 Release Date, Who is the X-Killer?


Sakamoto Days Chapter 16 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 16 Release Date is confirmed to release on March 21st, 2024. We can expect a lot of twists and turns to come in the following chapters. There are many unknown factors about the X-Killer, this might actually be a real threat for  Sakamoto. But as always, the fatso is prepared to go all out for the sake of his family at any time.

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About Manga

Sakamoto Days is a super funny manga series that released in 2020. It has been capturing fans with its simple comedy and plot with every new chapter it releases. The best part is that the main protagonist isn’t a young person. Sakamoto is an old fat man who was an assassin back in the day. He fell in love and later become a family man who owns a small store in the neighborhood.

But things start to get tricky when his old foes tend to come back for him thinking they can take on an old man. This where Sakamoto proves them wrong and beats everyone who comes after him and his family. The entire manga series so far is really fun to read and definitely recommended to all the weebs out there.