Sakamoto Days Chapter 18 Release Date and Spoilers Revealed
Sakamoto Days Chapter 18 Release Date and Spoilers Revealed

We all loved the assassination theme either it is in manga or in animes. But when the create mix the action scene with some comedy part included, then it will make a great example of a good storyline with an exciting plot where it’s so hard to judge what happens next.

Yes, we are talking about Sakamoto Days, an action-comedy manga series written and illustrated by “Yuji Suzuki” and serialized in the weekly Shonen Jump. In this article, you will find Sakamoto Days chapter 18 release date and spoiler related to the chapter.

Sakamoto days
Sakamoto days

The story of this manga is centered around the main protagonist Sakamoto who is a retired well-known hitman who fell in love with a lady and started living a normal life with his wife and daughter.

Now he got weight and running a neighborhood store and tried to protect his family from the outside danger. Taro Sakamoto now looks like a normal person who is struggling for living and enjoying his life with his family, but he’s also known as a legendary assassin who got admired and gained the respect of other hitmen.


A quick recap of the previous chapter

Here’s the quick recap before moving in Sakamoto Days chapter 18. Assassin “Heisuke Mashimo” was sitting on the rooftop of a building talking to his parrot “Pisuke”. He said to Pisuke that I need to spend 20000 yen to feed you while I only spend 2000 yen on me. He wants to kill Taro Sakamoto so that he will have a huge amount of money. Heisuke Mashima used to talk to his parrot regularly.

He said if we kill this man we will have more than a billion Yen. And yeah he is the dumbest assassin Sakamoto meet. When Heisuke first visits Sakamoto’s store, he asked Taro Sakamoto that is he knows where is this person leaves by showing Sakamoto’s photo to Sakamoto. This was the moment Sakamoto released that he is so dumb to be an assassin. Sakamoto’s partner and Heisuke both went into an argument with each other. Then suddenly, Heisuke started crying that he did not have any money to eat breakfast. Then Sakamoto gave him something to eat and Heisuke leaves the store without any conflicts.

Later, when Heisuke returned from Sakamoto’s store he found a template. On which there’s an announcement of an air tournament and the winner will get one million yen.  Sakamoto and Heisuke both took part in the air tournament as they both need the money prize which will be given to the winner of the game.

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Sakamoto Days chapter 18 release date and time

We have an official date when will Sakamoto Days chapter 18 will be published in Shonen Jump. On Sunday, April 4, 2023, Chapter 18 will be published in the Shonen Jump. You can read Sakamoto Days as well as any shonen Manga on VIZ without any kind of interruption or with the best quality than any unofficial website. Because we recommend you to spend coin to enjoy it with great user experience.

In the previous chapter 17, we have seen that there will be a resemblance in Sakamoto’s team that will demolish the team spirit causing the reason for breaking up in the Sakamoto teams. This situation left us with lots of questions about the next chapter. Whether there will be a conflict in Sakamoto Day.

This is all we know about the spoiler of chapter 18, as there isn’t any leaked official spoiler. But, we will update this article at the time will get some updates.