The countdown has started for the climax of Dragon Ball Super’s ‘Universal Survival’ arc. Finally, the survival term has started to make sense. Thanks to Ken Xyro and Yankou Productions for the scans and information! Info translated directly from the Jump Scan!

After a short break, which honestly, already feels longer than it really is, Dragon Ball Super will come back next month with a specialist that focuses on Goku’s awaited fight with Jiren. Rumors are the hour-long special will be holding something terrible. Or to go with the trending one-liner something terrible will happen before the episode ends.

Dragon Ball Super has never hyped an upcoming new form they way they have been doing for the last few months for this arc. The news is, a series of new adverts for the occasion debuted in Japan recently. The promo material reiterates something “terrible” will go down in the one-hour special.”

Not that we did not have some leaks about this thing from before but for now it is confirmed. So far, the series has yet to give any further clarification on what terrible means in context, there have already been theories postulated by various fans all over the internet. Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship, KenXyro used their translation skills to give fans insight into the promos.


This is what was leaked last month about this:

Something Terrible is going to happen, let’s see:

Dragon Ball Super is giving us some really surprising twist for a while now. They seem to be playing with words and keeping us in a dark corner until we get awesomely surprised! There is something that comes up a few hours earlier and this could be a major clue of the events coming up in Dragon Ball Super.

NEW V-Jump leaks reveal some possible SPOILERS for the Universal Survival Arc and the Tournament of Power. Is Daishinkan turning evil? What will Goku’s new power-up be?

So before you guys come to any verdict this is just a theory but a potentially true one. This could be the true reason behind the Tournament of Power. This may not seem to be a very big stuff at the first look. But if you think about it… Well, let’s discuss what’s the news about.

So the V-jump leaks say something like this…

What does this new tensed back say?

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