In the world of dating, there is a concept that you have surely heard often, although you may not know what sugar daddy means. This term refers to a man, usually middle-aged, who establishes an emotional relationship with a girl much younger than him. It is a win-win relationship, that is, both win. He gets the freshness and company of a beautiful woman and she gets financial assistance.

A sugar daddy and its meaning have nothing to do with the relationship that a client establishes with an escort. It is clear that one of the parties is a generous older man of a certain social status, but each encounter is not paid for. This means that he will probably cover the cost of dinner, drinks and the date in general. However, there is a bond between them that goes beyond pure interest.

Knowing what a sugar daddy is in-depth is quite an arduous task, especially since each relationship between him and his sugar baby is a world. However, there are certain elements common to all relationships. For example, there is no payment per meeting as there would be with an escort, but rather this economic allocation happens naturally. In addition, what characterizes these relationships is that they are usually long-term.

Between both lovers there is a deeper connection than the simple fact of having sex. Despite the age difference, given that the sugar daddy is usually a man over 50 years old and the sugar baby, is a young woman in her twenties, there is a desire to be together. Of course, there are intimate relationships, but also fun and, above all, company. The latter is precisely the advantage of this type of relationship: the company they offer each other.


How to find a sugar daddy in Spain

Are you wondering how to find a Sugar Daddy in Spain? Perhaps you did not know it, but the Internet is a great tool to enjoy this mutually beneficial relationship. Whether you are a mature man or a young girl, it is enough to browse the online environment in search of a partner that meets your expectations. There are still some misgivings about this type of relationship, but little by little they are becoming socially accepted.

They are unusual couples like many others, but all of them are real. Many still do not understand that there can be a 100% connection in the age difference. And it is perfectly possible that true love arises between the two lovers. The Internet is responsible for facilitating these contacts through a series of web portals specialized in how to find a sugar daddy. On any page you can filter by age, but it is always better to bet on one of this niche.

How to get a sugar daddy, then, is not complicated at all. You just have to sign up for one of these apps to start meeting men to have a relationship with. The truth is that there is usually no desire for commitment, but, rather, both parties take it as a hobby. Although there have been cases of couples of different ages and economic status that remain long-term.

In any case, to find a sugar daddy on the Internet, it is enough to go to websites like sugar daddy seek, one of the leading communities. This type of page allows you to search by age, by area and by physical features through an advanced search tool. They are sites aimed at this type of audience, so there is no need to explain anything else. Once the parties come into contact, it is clear what there is.

How Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Work

Sugar daddy web pages work like any other dating site. Everything begins with registration, where those interested must indicate username, password and location. Thus, searching for a sugar daddy is much easier, since the system takes into account the location of the members. Another essential part is the creation of profiles. When filling out the profile, it is vital to be honest.

It is usually recommended to incorporate different photographs, because we must not forget that the visual part is very important in these dating websites. Once this step is completed, all that remains is to start the search for a sugar daddy in Spain. For the moment when you are looking for other members, use the search engine, where you can play with the different filters and parameters. It is clear that you want to meet a sugar daddy on this page, but how old and how physical?

It is time for you to put your requirements on the table. In the search results, send messages to those who have captivated you. Of course, remember that in most sites you will need to make a Premium membership to contact other users. We are going to see, in broad strokes, what are the services that are usually free on these platforms and what are the paid features.

free version

  • Registration and profile creation is usually free
  • Some sites allow you to send and receive limited messages each day
  • View profiles of other users, but not all the information
  • Perform simple searches

paid version

  • View the full profile of other users, including all photos
  • Send photos and videos
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who liked you
  • Perform advanced searches
  • View all search results

The best pages for sugar daddy in 2024

If you are here it is because you are looking for sugar daddy, so we are not going to waste time telling you about the best sites for it. In Spain there are more and more pages for this type of casual relationship between a mature man and a young girl. If it is your goal, these communities will make you enjoy a lot. Here are the most outstanding pages where to look for a sugar daddy in Spain.


It is a leading sugar daddy website in the US. According to the site, there are more than 1,000 registered sugar babies and about 20 sugar daddies join each day. This makes it an honest and dynamic dating site where you will find what you are looking for. It focuses mainly on Los Angeles and New York, ​​although even if you live in another city there are also opportunities. A strong point is that they strive to ensure your security when sending private messages and, ultimately, interacting with other members.

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My sugar daddy

My Sugar Daddy is another place to look for sugar daddy in Madrid or in any other Spanish city. To register you simply have to indicate your role (if you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby) and enter your email. If you prefer to speed up the process, all you have to do is log in with your Facebook account. It is a leader in Europe and lands in Spain with the intention of continuing to make people talk.


Another platform that we should add to this list is If you want to find a solvent man, here you have all the guarantees. It is noteworthy that to register the new user must indicate his income level, in addition to other issues such as date of birth and email. You can join a community that is growing more and more for free and in just a couple of minutes.

Sugar Daters

Finally, we are going to refer to Sugar Daters, another of the most complete pages in the sector. It is a platform with a marked international character since it has more than a million users around the world. One of its qualities is that it not only focuses on the man-woman relationship since it is also possible to be a sugar daddy looking for a male sugar baby. You can even not close the door and meet people of both sexes.

Find Gay Sugar Daddy Contacts

We just anticipated it. The universe of sugar dating is not exclusive to heterosexuals. This means that if you search for a gay sugar daddy on the Internet you will come across quite a few sites that facilitate these types of relationships. Requirements? Being a gay sugar baby wanting to find his gay sugar daddy. The rest are already taken care of by these specialized online platforms. Let’s see some of them.

Sugar Daters

In the previous section we commented a little on this page. As soon as you sign up, you will realize that it is suitable for all sexual orientations. Indicate if you are a man or a woman and what you plan to contribute: success and generosity or beauty and charm. If you are gay, there is a sugar daddy for you in this place, as it allows you to meet people of the same sex. It seems that it is in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Marbella and the Basque Country where there is more movement.


One of the trendiest apps in this field is GDaddy, an essential tool on your mobile to find a gay sugar daddy. It is clear that today there are many gay apps, with Grindr being one of the most popular, but one that was more specific was missing. One point in its favor is that it is completely free. It’s already taking time to download it to your smartphone.


We could not forget Sudy, aimed at mature men with high purchasing power and young boys looking for arrangements. It is an app designed exclusively for homosexuals. The first thing is to meet that sugar daddy that conquers you and, later, you will see if it is a good idea to commit. There is no pressure or bad vibes, just wanting to have fun with the other person.

Apps to search for sugar daddy

In the mobile era, a list of applications to search for sugar daddy could not be missing. You like older men? So, there is no other option but to leave space on your smartphone to install a sugar daddy app that opens the doors to meeting like-minded people. There are plenty of gentlemen out there willing to indulge your whims. You just need to be in the right place at the right time.

Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet boasts over 4 million members worldwide to date. About 800,000 are generous men, while more than 3 million are attractive young women looking to fall in love or have a good time with someone special. To break the ice, the app proposes giving a first date gift. Who will be the first interested in receiving it?

Seeking Arrangement

In this application to search for sugar daddy not everyone can access. It is a meeting point for beautiful and successful people who seek to start fruitful relationships. There are, then, certain rules to be met in order to be a full member. It seems that on the web there are four sugar babies for every sugar daddy, so fun is guaranteed. Make a deal and get ready to go as far as you want.


A free sugar daddy app is Sudy, which we talked about earlier. Available for iOS and Android, it is one of the most exclusive platforms today. This app promises real profiles and certified candidates in terms of economic status. It is perfect for meeting users who are very close to you.

How to be a sugar baby

Do you want to know how to be a sugar baby? But not just any, but the best. On these platforms, men expect certain behaviors from their lovers in exchange for financial support. It is very easy to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and achieve your dreams, but you must keep certain guidelines in mind. Knowing what a sugar baby is and how to behave will help you achieve your goals.

With this term, we refer to girls and boys (sugar baby boy) youngsters who stand out for their beauty. His strengths are his physique, tenderness and desire to please. They offer these qualities to mature men with good economic and social positions. The usual thing is to find young people in their twenties who are still studying and who do not have much money to indulge themselves.

This is where the sugar daddies come into play, willing to pamper and pamper them in exchange for their company and dedication. In addition to beauty, sugar babies are good conversationalists, educated and ambitious. They seek stability next to a man who can help them financially. Of course, all this is under the principle of honesty. In a relationship of this type, the rules are clear from the beginning.

How to find your sugar daddy on the Internet? You have it very easy if you have beauty, education, know how to be and are an interesting person. If you love the company of a mature man, with clear things and sophisticated environments, then you are a potential candidate for a sugar baby. It is enough that you exhibit your natural grace and woman’s weapons to conquer that man of money, but without love.

Tips for sugar daddy dating sites

We come to the last part, but no less interesting for that. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, these tips for first dates will come in handy. There are certain codes of behavior for the relationship to come to fruition when having an affair with someone. Take note of how to flirt successfully in these types of settings.

  • Be authentic. In the online universe, a sugar daddy highly values ​​the authenticity of his partner and vice versa. Do not be too pretentious or perfectionist and let yourself be carried away by what you feel at all times.
  • Come to an agreement. It is important to make it clear from the beginning what you are willing to offer each one. Talk about your expectations on a date with a sugar daddy in Madrid or in any other town.
  • Be flattering. Everyone likes compliments, so don’t be afraid to be flattering when you meet someone.
  • Beware of forbidden words. There are certain subjects that it is better not to touch at least at first. Marriage, stability or dependency are some of these issues.
  • Be interesting. Even if you have money or beauty, much better if you have something else to contribute to the relationship. You will earn points if you have a good conversation, if you show your knowledge on any subject you master or if you enjoy spontaneity.