We all live to love and love to remain alive. The meaning of all life is in love and our desire to please others and ourselves. Being with someone completes us and makes us feel like we have somewhere to belong and like we have someone to fight alongside us through tough times.

Having a partner beside you means that you also have someone that you can be intimate with and explore that side of love. Intimacy is highly individual and subject to change.

People are intimate in different ways and to most couples, the intimacy levels tend to drop down after some time, after kids, when highly stressed or overworked. It’s a state of mind and body that needs to cope with everything you throw at it, and if you are depressed, tired, or overstrung the intimate part of your life will surely suffer.


There are things you can do to “spice things up” as everyone so popularly calls it these days and some of those means are mixing things up in the bedroom with toys, partners, games, clothing, and other things. Today we will focus on the clothing part or lingerie as you could presume to form the article and we will tell you, guys, primarily, how to get the perfect one for your partners, that they will like.

Us men pretty much know what we want to see on our women and sometimes what we want and what they enjoy do not add up. This is why we decided to make this simple guide for all men and we also found a place where all of you can find some SexyLingerie your partner will enjoy.


1. The size


Now, this is a bit controversial part of lingerie shopping for men and a bit of a minefield you need to tread very carefully. You need to know the size of your partner if you want to buy them lingerie that will look good and feel good at the same time.

What most of us do is go by eye and hope that we get right. The fact is that in most cases we fail in that task and buy something rather small or too big for our partner. Whatever you do is not good but believe me that if you get the piece you want in a lot smaller number than your partner is you will be in a different world of hurt from now on.

But here is what to do to get things right – be a detective and go through your partners’ drawers to find out the size. It sounds silly and somewhat strange but it is a sure way to get things correct instantly.

Get the cup sizes, chest sizes, and brief size down, write it if you can’t remember, and go shopping with those. You will see how easy that task is when you got all those numbers down and you will see how your partner is delighted that you nailed the shopping from the get-go.

There is a possibility, although very slim, that after your investigation you will not turn up with numbers at all but do not despair because we have you covered there as well. If this is the case the fool-proof plan is to go and get her a nice slip or a came and shorts combo which will make her happy as well.

2. Colour


This is the next thing that you can always get wrong and the color is just a bit worse than the wrong size of lingerie. This is a no-brainer job because you can look at all the things she already wears and see what her choice of colors is.

The safest bet is to go for some of these colors, and if she has a piece or two that she likes more than others go for that or those colors and you’re golden. If you can get that right then go with her mindset – conservative and demure love peel paints, nudes, and blacks are the choices. If she likes bright colors then you can give yourself breathing room and go bold and brave.

3. Style


Another important thing is the style your partner likes. As we already mentioned, we like things that are hot, spicy, and adventurous but that doesn’t mean that your partner enjoys the same things as well.

Here is another time where you need to go by your partner’s character and know if she likes adventurous clothing where you can go with pretty much anything that tickles your imagination or if she is a bit conservative to where you need to tone it down and go for something with natural plunge and something that is not too much out there.

Here is one thing to remember and never forget – the lingerie is for both of you not just one of you. If you want everything to be nice, sexy, and satisfying think about both of you not just what you want and like.

4. The shape of her body


The last thing that will define what you need to et for your partner is her body shape. Most of us, even if we consider all the things we already mentioned, tend to forget the shape of our partner’s body. Although 3 out of 4 things may seem like more than enough when lingerie is considered body shape plays a huge role.

It is important in fitting and comfort, placement and all that will add up to her satisfaction or dissatisfaction. So, when shopping for lingerie, if someone from the store asks you about the body shape of your partner do not hesitate to tell, do not take away or add anything, and do not be shy. Sometimes this will be the crucial information that will make you a perfect man or a husband.

The conclusion to this article would be to not stress too much about this. With this easy guide and these easy steps, we wrote about you now have a cheat card that will have you buying perfect lingerie for your partner every time. It takes a bit of investigation a bit of seriousness and some gut to do this but it will pay off more than you believe it. With all things said all we can conclude with is happy lingerie hunting and having a lot of fun in the process.