Solo Leveling Chapter 145 Release Date, Sung Jin-Woo on Rage Mode!!!

The previous chapter was super exciting to read. Literally, every single frame was just amazing filled with information and beautiful illustrations. We also got to see how pissed Sung Jin-Woo got when he came to know about the man behind this. Also, in the end, we got to see an enraged king who isn’t going to stop until he gets his revenge. Solo Leveling 145 might actually be one of those chapters that have goosebumps throughout the entire chapter. In this article, we will fill you in on Solo Leveling Chapter 145 Release Date, Sung Jin-Woo on Rage Mode!!!


Solo Leveling Chapter 145 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 145 Release Date is confirmed to be 24th March 2024. You can also visit us on the same day to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date. As we all know the next chapter is going to be a banger and there is no stopping that. Although Thomas Andre might be there, he is absolutely no match to Sung Jin-Woo. So the fight is going to be intense and well worth the wait.

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Solo Leveling Anime

Solo Leveling Anime has not yet been announced officially. But we do have a few hints that have rifted on the internet. If you would like to know more about all the information regarding Solo Leveling Anime, you can check it out here –  Solo Leveling Anime Release Date and Latest Updates!

What is Solo Leveling Manhwa About?

Solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa which is written by Chu-Gong. It is a story about the world’s lowest ranking hunter Sung Jin Woo (the main protagonist). He gains power by the authority called the system and completes all tasks given by the system. And, by completing each task he acquires more power, and slowly shows everyone what he is capable of. He owns many titles such as wolf hunter, shadow monarch, demon hunter, etc.