Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date, Time, Spoilers
Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling

This is about Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date, Time, Spoilers. The release date for chapter 161 is 4th August. Solo Leveling is a web novel or a manhwa from South Korea starring a protagonist named Sung Jin-Woo, who is the lowest ranking hunter. The author of Solo Leveling is Chugong.


Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date and Time

The release date of Solo Leveling Chapter 161 will vary depending on geographical locations. In some places, it is supposed to be released on 4th August, Wednesday. In other places it is scheduled to be released on 5th August, Thursday.

As for the time of the release, Solo Leveling Chapter 161 will release online at midnight KST (Korean Standard Time), 5th August 2024. It usually takes a few extra hours for the chapter to be available in English.

Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling

Previously on Solo Leveling Chapter 160

In the earlier chapter, we can see the temperatures and excitement rising. We can see incidents leading to the confrontation between Sung Jin-Woo and the Monarchs. The Monarchs have gotten a fair idea of the intensity of the power that Sung Jin-Woo possesses. His powers originate from him being a Shadow Monarch and are massively strong and incredible. It is so powerful that it shocks the other Monarchs to their core.

We, as readers, also get to witness the protective side of Sung Jin-Woo as he makes sure that Thomas and the other hunters move to a safe place.

Next, we get a glance at the attack on the three Monarchs by sung Jin-woo. He releases the shadow army against them and provokes them to face off against him. The Frost Monarch freezes Jin-woo’s Shadow army immediately. He even feels a little insulted that Sung Jin-woo would launch such a weak attack against him. He realizes that Jin-Woo is unaware of the true intensity and power of the Shadow Monarch that resides within him.

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 SPOILERS

Warning: If you do not want to spoil yourself for solo Leveling Chapter 161, then please leave immediately!

There have been numerous speculations about the contents of the upcoming chapter. According to the web novel, readers might actually get to see Sung Jin-woo in critically low power and health. However, in his final moments, he gets to meet the Ashborn, who is the Shadow Sovereign!

We see a mysterious hooded figure in the previous chapter. Many fans are now assuming that this figure is actually Jin-woo’s father. His name is Sung Il Hwan and fans are eagerly waiting to see what he does.

There have also been talks about revealing more of the lore behind Solo Leveling and fans can not wait to get a look at the Dragon Monarch.

About Solo Leveling

In a world where the existence of a gateway allows monsters to invade humans, Sung Jin-woo is among the weakest hunters in South Korea. Solo Leveling centers around the adventures and survival of Jin-woo, the protagonist.

Jin-woo and other hunters get into incredibly dangerous situations and places, like the deadly dungeons. After which Jin-woo technically cheats death in order to get out.

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