Hey, everyone. The 4th Episode to Sword Art Online: Alicization will release on 27th October on Saturday. The Episode is titled as “Departure”. Till then you can tease yourself with this Synopsis and Preview Images. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Updates.

Synopsis Sword Art Online: Alciziation Episode 4

Kirito and Eujio who thought that Selka must have headed to the “end mountains” by herself and they follow her. However, they encountered Goblins from the “Dark Territory” in the cave. Kirito pick-up the sword and went for goblins.

However, the counterattack of the goblin creates a severe pain that he was able to imagine in the virtual world, and he can not get up with th wtfear. At that time when Goblin’s blade was swept down in a corner of Kirito ….

(NOTE:. These are rough Japanese translations. May lead to wrong conclusions)


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