The Legend of The Northern Blade Chapter 119

The Legend of The Northern Blade Chapter 115 will be coming with a bang. Readers have been loving it. The last chapter left us with a twist and we cannot get more. This post contains everything from the release date, where to read to the spoilers. Keep on reading to know more details about the latest chapter:


The Legend of The Northern Blade Chapter 115: Release Date

You might be wondering when the next chapter of this beautiful manga will be released. The wait is not too long. You can read the next chapter on December 29, 2024. Stay tuned with us, and follow us for more details.

The comic will be officially available in many different languages like Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and it has official English translations available on the same day as the raw scans.

These are the times when the manga will be available in a different region. Follow us for more details.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

Where to Read?

You should read the manhwa on Tappytoon who is the official publisher of the series. However, they are quite behind the Korean release with only 60+ chapters translated into English. is another website where you can find the latest updated chapters.

Spoilers for the upcoming Chapter

Right now, we do not have any such information on our hands. The manga is said to be released according to its weekly routine, and the released date has already been disclosed by us.

However, if we do get any such information, we will make sure to update this page.

The Legend of The Northern Blade Chapter 114: A Quick Recap

Moowon leads a dreary life with no family and is always under observation. One day he gets a chance to escape to the mountains where he masters the fighting techniques of his forerunner. He returns to his mainland when he gets to know that one of his loved ones has been disappeared.

More About The Legend of The Northern Blade

The Legend of The Northern Blade is originated from Korea and is an action-fantasy that never fails to attract an audience. The author of this popular series is Hae- Min.

For decades, the brave warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect fought to keep the world safe from the evil Silent Night. But when the fourth-generation leader is accused of colluding with the enemy, he is forced to disband the sect and commit suicide to protect his son, Moowon. With no family and allies left, Moowon leads a dreary life under close surveillance… until a surprise attack from the Silent Night gives him a chance to escape to the mountains.

There, the young warrior trains to master the fighting techniques of his predecessors, before the mysterious disappearance of a loved one brings him back to the mainland. Follow Moowon as he embarks on a journey to avenge his father’s death and take down the villains who threaten to plunge the world into darkness!

This is what we have on the latest chapter of The Legend of The Northern Blade. We will be providing you with more details and the latest news when we get our hands on them. Till then stay tuned with us. You might want to read Solo Leveling Chapter 179.