Tower of God Chapter 520

Tower Of God Chapter 520 there is the revelation of the invaders of the Sealing Ship. After Orairi alerts his soldiers that they have intruders. Tower Of God has been on this after Bam and the squad agreed on rescuing Ha Jisung. The Princess asked them to get her that stuff, and they will depart freely with Ha Jisung.

Talking about Tower Of Gods’ latest chapter, it is disclosed by Orari that the machine halted, and he wanted to do something but the soldiers remind him not to, as he is  Branch Head candidate. However, Orari wanted to hop inside while the soldiers tried to pull him back.

Tower of God Chapter 520

At Yu Hansung and Lefavs side, and where Lyborick is, Yu Hansung marvels about Evankhell. Who is missing and talks about the warp gate with Lefav speculating it is related to the mothership. Yu Hansung verifies that, and Lyboricks acknowledges that they have company, ex corps commander Kallavan. Leave wonders if Lyboricks is Corps Commander. But Lyboricks discloses Lefav tricked the army to survive, and this is their graveyard. And there comes a time when Yu HanSung discovers that Lyboricks is the new Commander of the 4th corps.

Leave agrees while disclosing his name and that Lyborick is suffering to deal with. but he might not be covering the gate. Lyboricks tell them that he knew that everyone is going to betray the army if it comes to their survival. But if he came here, it means he has changed his mind. Candidy interrupts and tells Lyboricks to be tension free since it is a family business, and they can deal with it. Meier goes and has a talk with Ms Lefav reminding her that she is laying her children in trouble and has family problems. Leave wonders if the two are trying to make her feel frightened and call them little brats who will never touch her kids.


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Meier agrees with that and thinks she could have evolved to be a high ranker of her family since they could have gotten rid of embarrassment as the future leaders. They attack each other, and Meier notices that she has run out of her bullets after changing her gun. Candidy thinks that it is their change. And, therefore they must not be terrified of her since Lefav is weak without bullets and asks everyone to eliminate her.

Yu Hansung finds that the strength of his barrier has reduced due to the last battles, and Lefav tricked them while trading blows with them. Yu Hansung gets angry at Lefav and Candidy, not the electric pike, and realizes that it is coming from Corps Commander Lyboricks. He then apologizes that he has to get involved since he cannot stay silent but shoot noisy flies down. The Announcer reveals that there are only two turns left for the game to end.

Meanwhile, High Ranker Lo Po Bia Branch Head Whitegarment Widow and Sicarius encounter Evankhell. Love is also at that side. Whitegarment glanced at the flames around Evankell and understood that was her opponent. But she was not anticipating meeting Evankell so soon.  Evankhell tells her to stop joking and burn until she gets roasted.

White garment thinks that is the line of a cook trying her best. But no one can roast with a small quantity of heat. She reveals ”Zubizarreta,” special protection that she received from the head of the family. Evankhell thinks she should not have accepted something from a guy who never shows up and can’t contemplate that treasure instead of junk. Whitegarment gets angry that Evankell is insulting a special shield from the head of the family, and Evankell has not brought up well.

Tower Of-God Chapter 520 Release Date

Tower Of-God Chapter 520 is releasing today, on 5 December 2024.

Evankhell wonders if that shield is unusual, and Whitegarment chides her and decides to teach Evankell a lesson. But Whitegarment starts to dominate Evankhell. Tower-Of-God sometimes gets delayed and publishes the latest chapter the next day. Let’s look at Tower Of-God Chapter 520 official details.

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