What to Expect From K-Drama High Class? Release Date
What to Expect From K-Drama High Class? Release Date

This is What to Expect From K-Drama High Class? Korean dramas have occupied our lives and we love this fact. K-Dramas have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It never fails to entertain us.

These shows are now watched all over the world and are appreciated by all. They are not just restricted to South Korea but spread all around the globe. There are fans of Korean drama in every corner of the world. There are many amazing dramas from the Korean industry, one such drama is coming named High Class. Let’s see what to Expect from K-Drama High Class.


We can just never get enough of these shows. Always hyped for the next one to come. Now if you here I assume you must be a fan of Korean dramas. High Class is one of the most anticipated Korean drama that is going to be released this year.


K-Drama High Class Plot and Storyline

The show is about thriller mystery drama along with dangerous contradictions and hypocrisies hid beneath the flawless lives of a particular segment of society.  The show talks about the tale of a woman named Song Yeo Wool, a widow.

She gets on a dangerous path of discovery regarding the truth about her husband’s death. She is also accused of her husband’s murder. With all these charges and allegations on her, she gets near to losing everything. She is judged by society in the wrong way.

Song Yeo Wool is a lawyer by profession, specializing in family law. She also has a child named Lee Chan. His son studies at the prestigious international school. The woman is admired by many people and she is also known for her aura and her long career. Her late husband was a rich man, however, she is devastated after her husband’s death.

She carries on her campaign of solving her husband’s murder mystery. She only got Hwang Na Yoon as his only companion in the show. A deep bond is formed between the two ladies based on their deepest desires. What to Expect From K-Drama High Class?

Besides all this Danny Oh is a former ice hockey player and teacher at the school. Another lead character from the show is Cha Do Young is a former top actress. High Class will reveal the truth behind a murder mystery of the lead character’s husband. The storyline of the show looks very fascinating.

Production Details, Cast, and Crew

The initial title of the show was ‘She’s Too Close To Me’ but later it was changed to High Class. The production and casting work of the show is going on since last year. The other announcement along with the female lead character was done by Cho Yeo-Jeong on November 19th, 2020. The entire casting of the show has been completed recently.

The show will premier on tvN. The director Ashbun disclosed the cast of this show last year only. It includes Song Yeo Wool by Cho Yeo Yung, Ha Joon as Danny Oh, Park Se Jin as Hwang Na Yoon Nam Ji Sun as Kim Ji Soo, and Gong Hyun Joo by Cha Do Young. All characters are supposed to be the main characters of the show. What to Expect From K-Drama High Class?

Officials confirmed that the show will comprise of total 16 episodes. The time duration of each episode will be near about one hour more or less. This show is a blend of mystery, suspense, and drama.

Release Date of High-Class K-drama

The announcement of the drama the last year left everybody waiting for it excitedly. Especially after knowing about the cast people are very much hyped about the show. The release date for the show is not confirmed yet. But we guess officials will soon reveal about it. We will update you when we get any confirm news about it. this was all about  What to Expect From K-Drama High Class?

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