What to expect from Mouse episode 11? Spoilers, Release Date, Watch

It has been a great week of suspense for the fans of Mouse. Every episode provides us with a new plot twist but not too much so that we get away with the ending. The ending of all the episodes has been delusional for the viewers and that is what keeps us glued. Mouse episode 9 and 10 were released on 31st March 2024 and 1st April 2024 respectively. Let get excited about Mouse episode 11.


The release date of Mouse episode 11

Mouse episode 11 will come out on 7th April 2024.

Where to watch Mouse episode 11?

You can watch Mouse episode 11 officially on tvN and if you wait a few days it will be available on Viki.

Also, check out spoilers of Mouse episode 9.

Highlights of Mouse episode 9

Ba Reum notices that the head hunter left a code on everyone he killed, it referred to the code used for animal testing. He went to meet Seo Joon in the jail and then he confessed his whole journey about why he started hunting heads. He told him that he replaced his son’s frontal lobe with Ba Reaum’s lobe because that was the damaged part, it can control one’s actions and some parts of memory. He mentioned he did not replace the whole lobe, just the damaged part.

Mouse episode 9

He told him that he required those human brains for his experiment on brain transplant and that animal brains were not working as much. He considered those murders as a little sacrifice to benefit mankind. He wanted to gain fame for his first successful brain transplant after Daniel named cleaning guy at his hospital gained fame after he helped him with his discoveries and idea. He also informed him about his personal lab.

Ba Reum finds out that Jae Phil was killed by Joo Moo who found out he killed his daughter and engraved her in someone’s else grave. Detective Moo Chi was released and found out about Reporter Choi’s and Sung Yo Han’s relationship and also that he was the head hunter’s son. We find out that Reporter Choi has a child at home and apparently it’s her but we are yet to be sure.

Mouse ep 9

Ba Reum’s killer brain has started affecting his actions now. We were deliberately made to think that Ba Reum killed Min Choo but…

Highlights of Mouse episode 10

Ba Reum did not kill him and hurt his hand instead because he came to his senses soon. He was concerned about his conditions and asked the doctors if they could perform another surgery with his brain transplant but the problem was who would do it again?

Kang Duk Soo returned from jail and Bong Yi comes to know about it and decides that she would not leave the neighborhood and instead fight him.

Mouse ep 10

Reum and detective Moo Chi solved that Jae Phil was not the murderer in knot cases, his son was who received these psychopathic genes from his mother realized it in time when he killed Joo Moo’s daughter when he was a kid and made his father believed that it was an accident but her mother knew, and he also killed her mother in the same age.

Lawyer Hyun Chul made his alibi strong but they cracked that as well and observed that he only killed girls who he thought were cheaters and gold diggers.

Mouse episode 10

Ba Reum was quick to realize his next target was his friend’s fiance and reached her house after he was there and almost killed him but he escaped from the window. He ran after him was attacked on the head, when he woke up he saw Hyun Chul near a fire and he tried to strangle him as he did to his victims but he escaped the knot and fights back and eventually choked him to death. Then he saw San Yo Han and he asked him how does it feel to kill a person.

Spoilers of Mouse episode 11

As we were deliberately confused by the creators, is that is the case this time as well? Maybe Ba Reum seeing Yo Han was in his head and not true or Yo Han is alive? Lawyer Hyun Chul said something about Bong Yi’s being his next target but why? Is she cheating Ba Reum? Ba Reum finally gets all the murder memories of Yo Han. Since we already witnessed so many plot twists, who knows Mouse episode 11 even contains a bigger plot twist?