Navillera episode 5

I was not wrong when I said that we need to have our tissues and lost motivation ready for this new drama. Yes, I am talking about Navillera. Only 4 episodes are out and already so much is there to catch up with. In very short, episode 3 and 4 contained every kind of emotion and drama but what about Navillera episode 5?


When is Navillera episode 5 going to release?

Navillera episode 5 is going to release on 5th April 2024.

Where to watch Navillera episode 5?

Navillera episode 5 will air on Netflix and tvN.

Highlights of Navillera episode 3 and 4

Ohk we know where episode 2 ended, if not then check out Navillera highlights of episode 2.
It ended when Chae Rok almost got into a fight with Ho Beom and Mr. Sim walks in. We learn that Chae Rok’s father and Ho Beom’s football career has some bad history which eventually ended up his father in jail and Ho Beom had to drop his passion. Ho Beom has the audacity to ask Chae Rok to get on the billiard board and dance for him, Mr. Sim saved him by defeating him pathetically in a billiard game.

Navillera ep 3

Mr. Sim also took care of Chae Rok when he was sick. All these acts of kindness lead to Chae Rok developing a soft corner for him and decided he will take his practice seriously. Chae Rok also met his father on his late mother’s birthday and ended up being angrier at him for leaving him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim decides to enroll Chae Rok in a ballet competition as it would increase his chances to get into a reputed dance university. At first, he refuses.

What to expect from Navillera episode 5? Release Date and Spoilers.

At Mr. Sim’s house, her wife saw his ballet clothes drying and was very angry with him.

Eun Ho gets burdened by her manager and she also found out that Chae Rok is quitting his job at the restaurant and decided to put all his energy into ballet. They talked about Mr. Sim unknowingly.

In episode 4, we see that Hae Nam(Mr. Sim’s wife) confronts him about the ballet clothes, he told her everything and she got angry and ripped all his ballet clothes with scissors.

Mr. Sim being the go-getter he shows up to the practice in his sweats, Chae Rok asked him to take the bold step of sending his picture in a ballet stance into his family chat. He did, which ended up all being called for an emergency family meeting to try to stop him. 4 members were in support and others were just disgustingly disrespectful.

Navillera ep 4

Mr. Sim did not care at first but when his wife stopped talking to him, that is when it started to bother him and he decided to quit ballet for his family’s sake.

We see Chae Rok miss his morning calls from Mr. Sim. Chae Rok also visited his neighborhood and ran into Ho Beom and stood up for himself. Mr. Kim also arranged his practice with his old rival from his old academy when he agrees to take part in the competition.

When Mr. Sim’s eldest son bad-mouthed his father for trying on his ballet costume for the last time and said that he had to compromise his childhood while he “lived comfortably”, Hae Nam backfired at him and showed him a mirror. She now supports Mr. Sim’s decision to learn ballet. Mr. Sim being so happy gifts his car named “Bungbung” to Eun Ho for her new job, and asked Cha Rok to drive it as it would be a nice surprise. They seem to start a friendship now but an awkward one.

Navillera netflix ep 4

She invites her Grandfather to her restaurant for a treat but found out that the manager cheated her with the grades for evaluation after she got her work done. Mr. Sim enters Eun Ho crying and it ends.

Spoilers of Navillera episode 5

I guess Mr. Sim’s eldest son is going to a taste of his own medicine from Eun Ho. We see her crying on a bridge and Chae Rok reaches to her, he might have given her a pep talk about life.

Ho Beom does not want to leave Chae Rok Lone and they might start a serious fight. Does Mr. Sim do something to make Chae Rok very angry? Did Eun Ho continue to work there? We will see.