What to expect from Navillera episode 7? Release Date, Spoilers, Watch
What to expect from Navillera episode 7? Release Date, Spoilers, Watch

Navillera has been doing so good so far till now, both in ratings and keeping up with keeping us hooked. It has been maintaining its 8.7/10 rating on IMDb. We will see what happened in Navillera episode 5 and 6 that aired recently on 6th and 7th April. We shall also talk about what is going to happen in Navillera episode 7.


The release date of Navillera episode 7

Navillera episode 7 will be released on 12th April 2024.

Where can I watch Navillera episode 7?

You can watch Navillera episode 7 on Netflix and tvN.

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Navillera episode 5

Highlights of Navillera episode 5 and 6

Eun Ho didn’t get the job due to her evaluator was a cheat and she let her get her best and ran out of the restaurant and was crying and eventually met Chae Rok at a bridge. He asked her that she should start by searching about what makes her happy. She decided that she will venture on for a bit.

Chae Rok has already started to prepare for entering into the competition but has not been able to perfect his moves due to his back, and is very frustrated. He is a perfectionist when it comes to Ballet.

He let out his frustration on Mr. Sim when he showed up outside the academy for his daily class but he was asked not to. Mr. Sim felt bad and said his passion is not any less than his and Chae Rok instantly went to apologize to him.

Navillera ep 5 netflix

Chae Rok was tired and frustrated because he was not doing as great as he should but Mr. Sim was there for the right advice. Chae Rok got invited to Mr. Sim’s house to spent the whole day on the day of selection and in the end, he got in. He called his father to inform as insisted by Mr. Sim.

He got into a fight with Ho Beom and broke his ankle when he fell from the stairs. It was not a serious injury but he had no time for practice. He was angry and frustrated but he did not let that demotivate him from his goal. The latest Episode will be Navillera episode 7.

navillera ep 6

Ho Beom was also instantly regretting his deeds but was too arrogant to show, he got good peace of mind from Mr. Sim. Mr. and Mrs. Sim and Eun Ho were there to help him while he was wearing his cast bandage. Chae Rok’s friend Se Jong is a true friend and also got into a fight with Ho Beom when he came back from Barcelona.

Chae Rok recovered quickly but was still in the recovery phase but he took painkillers and also got a scolding from Mr. Kim to do so. He suggested that he should not repeat the same mistake and back out of this competition for his health’s sake.

Navillera ep 6 netflix

Mr. and Mrs. Sim went on a beautiful romantic aquarium date for their marriage anniversary, but Mr. Sim got lost in the aquarium after he was chasing a lost little girl. Mrs. Sim called all her 3 kids but no one picked, only Chae Rok picked up and she told him that Mr. Sim disappeared.

Spoilers of Navillera episode 7

Well, we will get to see more soft sides of both Chae Rok and Mr. Kim in episode 7. We definitely know that Chae Rok will be the one who will help to find Mr. Sim and do we all get to know something about Mr. Sim’s habit of keep forgetting things? Mr. Kim will start to say the right words of appreciation to Chae Rok, which might lead to him making up his mind for backing up from the competition due to his injury. Mr. Kim has a lot of hope for him and does not want him to end up like him. Mr. Sim and Chae Rok both wish for shining once in their lifetime. We will have to wait to see it. Thanks for reading What to expect from Navillera episode 7? Release Date, Spoilers, Watch.