How hard is it to rise to fame? This question needs to be directed at Riot Gaming. Riot’s Valorant was released in 2020 and immediately thrown into the esports scene, where it came to success in record time. Its first tournament, First Strike, happened that year, and the first edition of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) was also announced in the same year.

The two events were unsurprisingly successful, as Valorant’s features are great for esports gaming. Valorant is a first-person hero-based shooter game developed for Windows. It has a futuristic setting. Players play as groups of agents in two teams, one for attacking and the other for defending.

The agents have special abilities that require charge time and ultimate abilities that are charged through kills or orb acquisitions. Valorant currently has a collection of 20 agent characters, five of which are unlocked, and the rest must be unlocked by activating contracts. Getting into the Valorant pro scene is no joke.

You need a coach to help improve your skills since cash prizes are at stake in the tournaments, and people might be betting on your team. When you think of the Valorant pro league, the first event that should come to mind is the Valorant Champions Tour. It is a global esports tournament series organized for Valorant players.

It includes multiple events that lead up to Valoran Champions, the main event in the tour. VCT’s maiden season took place in 2024. Knowing the best Valorant betting sites and Valorant teams is important if you want to get started with betting. With the Valorant betting scene thriving, more betting sites are being created, and the pro teams seek to bring their A-game.


Introducing The Top Valorant Teams

From 2024 champions to 2024’s favourites, this list of top Valorant top teams consists of the most notable teams, their power rankings, history, and other tips you need to ensure you make wise bets and good withdrawals.

1. Fun Plus Phoenix

We can’t wait for what this team has in store this year! Also known as FunPlus X or FPX, FunPlus Phoenix was a crowd favourite last year, setting a record by playing the most game rounds at any international VCT tournament. Although they could not get to the Stage 1 Masters due to the conflict in Ukraine, they made it to the Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen, where they landed the first place.

The FPX team has also proven its stellarity in other competitions, including the EMEA Challengers, where they made both first and second place. Alongside other teams on this list, this team has continuously led competition in the Valorant pro world. FPX has a VCT record of 30-8 and a Masters 2024 record of 7-2.

2. OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming is a Valorant team from the United States of America. It is another worthy mention on this list that has won many Valorant competitions. The team visibly improved after the merge with Team Envy and placed 2nd place in two stages of the VCT 2024 North America Challengers. OpTic Gaming also made a first place at the Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavik.

Although the same did not happen in the Stage 2 Masters, OpTic Gaming reached third place. Optic also came second after LOUD in the championships. The team is still recognized as one of the best Valorant teams. It has a VCT record of 22-10 and a Masters 2024 record of 10-5.


Considering just the VCT 2024 championships, where LOUD came first, one could call them the best Valorant team. It was a surprising win as they previously placed positions 11 and 12 in the Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen. Their performance in the Stage 1 Master was a bit better as they placed second by losing to OpTic Gaming.

Their performance in the championships is still the most worthy aspect of note. Although relatively new in the esports scene, LOUD has a VCT record of 24-3 and a Masters 2024 record of 3-3.

4. Paper Rex

The Singaporean team, Paper Rex, has an exciting style that won the hearts of fans last year. The team came first in all the Malaysia and Singapore Challengers stages and finished in fourth place at the Reykjavik Masters and second at the Copenhagen Masters.

Paper Rex has earned its rank on this list with a VCT record of 33-4 and a Masters 2024 record of 5-3.

5. DRX

DRX is a Korean esports team that did well in the Korea Challengers, winning both stages and earning its way to the top teams in the Valorant scene. The team put in a good effort at the Stage 1 Masters but ended up in positions 5 and 6.

Although they also performed below expectations at the Stage 2 Masters, they had a mini redemption by coming in third place in the VCT 2024 Championships. Despite these, DRX remains one of the best Korean teams, and there is hope that the diversity of agent picks and some extra training will help get the team to a better place in 2024.


Despite being young in the esports scene, Valorant has achieved admirable success, and so have its players. As we enter a new esports season, new tournaments arise, and it is beneficial to arm yourself with knowledge of the teams. Betting on a valorant team comes with its risks. All you can do is consider each team’s history and bet on your preferred one.