Vincenzo episode 17

Vincenzo is holding us like glue. I have never waited for new episodes as I do for Vincenzo, and I am sure you do too. Vincenzo episode 17 has something super special for you, but before that, we need to talk about the highlight of Vincenzo episode 15 and 16.


The release date of Vincenzo episode 17

Episode 17 and 18 is delayed for a week for improvement reasons. That means we will have to wait for a total of 2 weeks for Vincenzo episode 17. Episode 17 will be released on 24th April 2024.

We will be left with nothing for 2 weeks? NO! The creators of Vincenzo have planned a special episode for us that will be released on 17th April 2024. I know you all are super excited about this special episode.

Where can I watch Vincenzo episode 17?

You can watch it on Netflix as usual and if you wait for a little, it will available on Viki.

Also, read what happened in Vincenzo episode 14.

Highlights of Vincenzo episode 15

What we saw last was, Paolo send some people to kill Vincenzo and it was almost a loose situation, but you would never guess who saved him, it was Inzaghi (Vincenzo’s pigeon friend). Inzaghi and his flock attacked and distracted the men from Vincenzo and meanwhile, he took care of them and now he respects Inzaghi even more.

Vincenzo ep 15

Han Seok got arrested but Prosecutor Jang’s greed got him free on the same day and also he betrayed Vincenzo and Cha Young, he got all the solid proof and did nothing about it.

Han Seok plans another stock market scam with the help of Daechang daily. Vincenzo breaks this good news to his teammates of the Jipuragi law firm that he has the Guillotine file. He is going to exploit this information to get back at scammers.


Vincenzo and tenants put on a play when they had to fool Jung Bae and they made Vincenzo the shaman. They did succeed in breaking ties between Babel and Daechang daily.

Vincenzo is framed in the murder case of Jung Bae.

Highlights of Vincenzo episode 16

Vincenzo’s quick actions and due to thoughtful tenants immediately caught the real culprit and presented them in front of the police with all the evidence.

We got to see Vincenzo’s emotional side as he, his mother, and Cha Young went to get a portrait clicked and then for a walk.


There they share a very emotional conversion about what she would say to her son if she meets him once again. We find out afterward that she already knew that Vincenzo is her real son.

Cha Young told Vincenzo that he should tell her before it’s too late. Babel people hired someone to kill his mother the same day Vincenzo decides to tell her that he is her son. Vincenzo’s mom is dead by the time he reached there.

Vincenzo immediately found out who is the killer, and made sure he did not die an easy death. He also made the killer walk him to the people who ordered him to kill her.

Vincenzo ep 16

Vincenzo shot the killer in front of the evil Babel team.

Predictions for Vincenzo episode 17

Since we did not get a preview for the next episode, we will have to note the details in episodes 15 and 16 for predictions.

If we look closely at the end of episode 16, we saw that Vincenzo points his gun towards Han Seok after he killed the murderer, but that does not mean he killed him. We all know that the villain would not die this early, we still have 4 episodes left, what we can say is that murderer was actually ordered by the evil prosecutor and not directly by Han Seok, so the gun might also point towards her.

Will Vincenzo’s anger will lead to someone’s death in the next episode? We can only wait, and due to the delay, the wait is not going to be easy.