Black Clover Mobile Game



While some fans were unhappy when the Black Clover Anime was discontinued. But, after seeing the new Black Clover Anime film key visual as well as the Black Clover Mobile Game. Jump Fest 2024 did not disappoint its fans. In addition to the unveiling of the Black Clover mobile game, the event states that the game is set to release in 2024.

A promotional teaser for the Black Clove Mobile Game is shown at the time of the announcement. Featuring Asta, the series’ main protagonist, and his best buddy, Yuno. Although there are few specifics about the upcoming Black Clove Mobile Game. The trailer teaser hints that it would be an open-world game.

Black Clover Mobile Game: Open World

The game was announced during Jump Fest 2024 with a lengthy teaser that includes included gameplay footage. Pearl Abyss, which has previously worked on games like Black Desert Mobile, is developing and publishing it. Like most other anime-themed mobile games, this one is likely to have gacha components.

Asta will most likely be the protagonist of this game, as he is in the Black Clover manga and anime. Players may, however, have the opportunity to interact with the other characters.

Here is the trailer for Black Clover Mobile Game:

Click here for the English version (Short trailer) of the Black Clover Mobile Game.

For the time being, we know that the game will be for both iOS and Android in 2024. If it launches in selected Asian regions initially, as is customary for most gacha, it will almost certainly have a global distribution.

In November 2018, Bandai Namco Entertainment released the Black Clover Phantom Knights (Black Clover Mugen no Kishidan) smartphone game in Japan. An English-language version was launched in January 2020 for Android and iOS devices. In December 2020, the game’s service in both languages came to an end.



This is something that many Black Clover fans are excited about. Hopefully, it will be on par with other open-world games such as Genshin Impact.

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