Blue Lock Anime New Preview Released!

Blue Lock Anime New Preview Released! For those of you who were waiting eagerly for this anime, we might have some good news. Let us have a look into more details of the Blue Lock Anime.

Blue Lock is one of the most awaited anime in 2024. Football is such a subject in anime that you are not familiar with. It is not every day that you come across an anime on this topic. Naturally, Blue Lock has caught the eyes of many.

Blue Lock anime release date is announced for 2024. Based on soccer animation depicting 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. The famous football manga series, Blue Lock has been leading the sports manga for a while.


Blue Lock Anime New Preview Released!

On January 19, the official Twitter account of Blue Lock posted a new trailer that focuses on the character.

In the Promotional Video “Kiyosei Ichihen” shed tears saying “I wanted to win …” and a scene where he said “I’m coming to change my life” with a devilish expression.

Fans are loving the designs and the little teaser. They cannot fall in love enough with the newly introduced characters.

About Blue Lock

Blue Lock is an authentic football tale through Muneyuki Kaneshiro. The popular manga first got here out within the 12 months of 2018. Since then, seventeen volumes were revealed through Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Mag. The anime adaptation through Studio 8 Bit was once introduced in August 2024.

The manga has exceeded 6 million copies in total and also won the Best Shōnen Manga award in Kodansha‘s 45th annual Manga Awards last year. Active Soccer Players are also supporting the success of Blue Lock.

Right now, this is all we know on Blue Lock Anime New Preview Released. Are you excited about the release? Who is your favourite character? Let us know everything in the comment section. You might even wanna follow us for more anime and manga related content. Read more about My Hero Academia Chapter 341 right here.

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