Dandadan Manga is a popular Japanese manga series that debuted on April 6, 2024. And has since become one of the most popular. This series gained a lot of traction after only a few chapters were released. Fans are excited after the last episode, and their wait is over. Dandadan Chapter 36 is coming out today.

Now you must be eager to read the Dandadan Manga, so follow along with the article and you will find its release date and were to read with some short recap with it.


Dandadan Chapter 36:

Release Date:

Dandadan Chapter 36 is coming out on 13th December 2024. Yes, you read correctly, it’s just a matter of hours before fans can read the Dandadan Manga latest chapter. For our reader’s information, this manga is weekly and comes on every Monday. If there is any change in the schedule or delay we will update all the information here. So, bookmark our page Omnitos for the latest info.

Where to Read/Watch:

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Dandadan Chapter 36: Spoilers

Just 11 Hours left, that’s right and I know you all are excited for the latest developments in Dandadan Manga. Raw scans and new spoilers details will be made available soon. This article will be updated as soon as there is any new information in Dandadan Chapter 36.

Dandadan Chapter 35: Recap

Dandadan Manga chapter 115 titled “Where’s The Tsuchinoko Monster?” had some great funny moments in it. we saw that Ayase goes to the shrine where they worship Tsuchinoko snake Monster. She finds out the whole Myth about the shrine. All there was to see is a cord-shaped skin shred that is said to be Tsuchinoko snake Monster.

Dandadan Manga Recap

Ayase gets disappointed that the monster is only a myth created to attract tourists. She returns home to check on Jin and Okarun.

Meanwhile, at the home, Jin introduces Okarun and they are offered candies. When suddenly, jin is asked if he’s lying about that okarun is his good buddy. jin says he is not lying and he’s just here to hang out. Somehow Okarun gives the right answer and they are saved. Jin is asked about where is the girl and when she will be back. Jin tries to dodge the question and the results were not good for them. Ayase when returns find that both Okarun and jin are lying bruised on the ground.